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4 Busted Cat Myths

Cats! These small domesticated carnivorous mammals have earned them selves quite a reputation over the years of living with us humans. Along with that reputation of neat, graceful, and sometimes arrogant creatures, cats have been surrounded by some myths as well. Read along and see those myths busted.

Cats can not be trained. Sure cats are known to be willful, but that does not mean they can not be trained. A cat using a scratching post or a litter box is a fine example of cat training, or did you take that for granted? Often times failed attempts of cat training are nothing more that using the wrong strategy. Cats respond to punishment negatively, so arm yourself with treats, lots of praise and time and you will see how your cat slowly but steadily starts to follow your commands.

Cats always land on their feet. Cats backbones are very flexible, their skeletons are light do to their small sizes and they are extremely agile. That might help them land on their feet, in some cases when falling of small heights, but certainly does not save them from falling of a couple storied building. Myth busted!

Cats are aloof. Cats are sensitive and gentle creatures. There can be many reasons to why your cat is aloof, but still that does not mean all cats are loners by default. One possible explanation is that your cat might be nervous and unsure of its surroundings. While kindness and patience are always the best solution to many problems, you should be aware that a cat has its own ways of showing its emotions. Your interpretation of your cat’s behavior might be wrong, so do some research just in case.

Cats are independent. While It is true that cats can last home alone for longer periods of time, compared to dogs, they still depend on us. Many people leave their cats with no care and no company for long periods of time, due to this misconception and never realize how bad their pet gets affected. Cats can suffer separation anxiety too, you know! Since cats don’t show their emotions openly as dogs do, it is really easy to overlook the signs that a cat is concerned and confused. There are many places designed to take care of cats while you are on a trip or a holiday. Just go online and type pet sitting in London, or where ever it is that you live and check it out for your self.

Emma Jones works as a sales representative at Cat Sitting London (Fantastic Pet Care)

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