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Affiliate Scalper Refund Rate High – Find Out Why

If you have been looking for an honest review of the Affiliate Scalper software, then you may be struggling too find one. Affiliates are making the mistake of promoting something that they have no idea about and most of them don’t even know what the software is. This is a big mistake as this leads to false reviews and recommendations and customers buying through these factless reviews are more likely to feel cheated or lied to and simply refund. I on the other hand does not participate in such workings and always provide a user review. I have accessed to Affiliate Scalper software and so I can provide you with a fact based review and an honest opinion. After reading this review, you will be in aposition to make up your own mind as to whether this software is the right tool for you. Enjoy the Affiliate Scalper Review.

Lets get straight down to business and see what all the fuss is all about.

The Affiliate Scalper software sales page provided very little cluse as to what it actually was or did and for good reason. If you knew that this was another automated Facebookand Twitter tool, would you be interested? The software is server based which I found surprising considering the sales letter stated that it was a downloadable application. The problem with this is that you have no control over the software and if the vendor decides to pack up and do one, you lose access.

So what does the software do?

It lets you add existing twitter and facebook accounts to the console where you can fully automate postings. There are a couple of options for posting which are a there and then posting or a scheduled posting. To schedule a post you simply create a whole bunch of tweets etc and save then as drafts and then pull up the calendar and decide what day, hour or minute you want to post them. There is also an rss feed feature which is self explanitory.

What I liked About This Affiliate Scalper Software

Looking past the fact that this is an automated poster to 2 of the most powerful traffic websites around, I liked the fact that you have the ability to link your accounts and update both social sites with a single posting. In other words, if you created 20 facebook accounts with loads of friends and created 20 twitter accounts with 1000’s of followers and link each of these accounts to each other, that is a lot of traffic potential. There are step by step videos to assist the use of the software and some additional social media training videos covered in 3 modules which help the boosting of traffic from these sources.

My Overall Opinion

When I first accessed the Affiliate Scalper software, I very nearly headed for the refund button, sorry, but I felt a little cheated on the sale page by not revealing what this software was but having said that, a good look at the Affiliate Scalper software and it’s workings, you can see that there is some potential for traffic and I can’t stop getting excited at the fact that I can simply add all my facebook and twitter accounts already loaded with tonnes of friends and followers and get started immediately. Anyone who has many followers on twitter and facebook are already at a huge advantage and creating more accounts is the next step. The softwares console is very easy to use and find your way round and makes submitting a very quick process. It does appear very basic but that’s not such a bad thing as the simple things work just a good, if not better than some of the over complicated softwares out there.

For more information about thos software,you can read more about in Kelvin Houghtons Affiliate Scalper Review.

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