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Affordable Dog Treats

Keeping with our homemade, healthy food options for out pets, today I am going to tell you about two “treats” that I make for my dog that he loves!! Plus, they are both healthy and easy to make at home.

The first one is using the “mush” I described in my first article. Basically, boiling chicken and some vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes) and then grinding them up on a food processor. No additives, seasonings or fillers. Now, I have several bones around that are hollow..they are about 1 inch long. These are maybe something from a roast or from a bone at the pet store that has some sort of filling. I fill this with the mush and freeze them. Now I live in a northern climate, so I don’t do this all that often during the winter. But in the summertime..he loves them! I also put cheese in them as well, my dog is a big cheese lover. Another great thing about putting them in these hollow bones is that it takes him some work to get them it occupies his mind for a few minutes.

Now the second treat is even easier, but requires some specialized equipment. I have had a food dehydrator for about 20 years, and have used it quite often. But, even though I have used it to dehydrate fruit and make those fruit roll-ups, my main use has always been jerky. Especially once I got one of the jerky guns. Talk about making life easy!! Well after buying a few bags of that “premium” jerky treats for my dog, I began to wonder why I would pay so much when I have all the tools! So, I looked on the web for recipes for dog jerky. I found all kinds, but decided to make it easy on myself. I just get ground chicken, turkey or beef (especially when its on sale) and make my jerky with no additives. I usually just do one pound at a time and store it in the frig. Since there is no additives at all, you will have to store it in the frig, and one pound usually lasts about one to two weeks (depending on how good Teddy behaves!). I just did a quick search on a “premium” brand jerky treats, and you can get them for around $5 for a 2.7 oz bag. Now if you pay $3 for a pound of burger and it shrinks down to 4 oz of meat..well you get almost twice as much for almost half the price.

I hope this helps anyone who is looking for great treats for their dogs. I am doing some research on anything I can add to this jerky as a supplement and will let you know what I find and how it works.


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