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An Overview of Urgent Care Doctor

During normal illness when we visit an emergency room the doctor gives more importance in treating people in critical condition while you need to sit and wait for long hours. Waiting for long time can be frustrating and makes us feel uncomfortable, but with change in time patients have started to prefer urgent care treatment methods.

You may be just wondering what an urgent care service is? It is an old concept that is being followed for decades however only during the recent times the people have come to know this method of treatment. If you are not lucky enough to have a personal physician then you can seek the help of phoenix urgent care.

When will you need urgent care medical service?

If you are suffering from a life threatening condition then you need to be hospitalized immediately but on the other hand if you are suffering from  sprain or muscle spasm that is not life threatening you can get immediate treatment from urgent care medical care service provider.

On the other side, if you visit the emergency room you will have to wait for several hours to get treatment but in the busy life situation of the 21st century it is impossible to wait for long hours.

When you visit an urgent care clinic you will get the same quality of treatment that you would get in a hospital at a better cost. In case if you or your child has been bitten by a canine then immediate treatment is required and any delay will lead to serious consequences.

First thing you need to do when bitten by a canine is to know the medical history of the dog and this would be of great help to the physician who offers treatment. If a dog has not been vaccinated regularly then it is more dangerous and you will need immediate medical attention.

Phoenix urgent care deals honestly, he will let you know how to deal based upon the law. In United States, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to bear all the medical expense of the victim. The physician will also start the treatment immediately by cleaning the wound, applying bandage and providing pain medication to get immediate relief from the pain.

You can start the first aid treatment before meeting the urgent care doctor; try to suppress the bleeding by applying mild pressure to the area. Majority of the urgent care physicians are experts in dealing with dog bites and they offer quality treatment at reasonable cost.

Drhousecalls urgent care Phoenix is available anytime of the week throughout the year. Know more about the services offered by him at his website.

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