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Are Dog Sweaters Really Necessary?

My wife wanted to buy a dog sweater or a dog coat for our little white fuzzy dog. I wondered if we really needed to do this? I mean does the dog really need a dog sweater? A dog coat? What for? He already has fur, how cold can he get? Well, I finally gave in and we got a couple of pieces of dog clothing for our best fuzzy little friend and I have to tell you, I never knew how much fun it would be and how much the dog (his name is Bo and he’s a Bichon Frize ) would enjoy them.

Here are a couple of tips I would recommend when you go to buy a dog sweater or dog coat. First of all even though it’s summer that doesn’t mean you can’t get him a few items of dog clothing. Without going overboard you could consider his favorite sports team’s jersey, some board shorts for that surfer look or even a little bikini for your female canine buddy. Your dog will be the talk of the dog park!

So, of course what you want to do is consider the time of year it is when purchasing your dog sweater or dog coat. Make sure the type of fabric or materiel your new dog sweater is made out of is appropriate for the season. You don’t want to have him get to hot. On the other hand probably the reason for you to buy a dog sweater or dog coat in the first place is to keep your little buddy warm. So make sure if you live in a colder area that you get one of the fleece lined or wool sweaters.

Most dog sweaters and dog coats that have been sold in the past were for smaller dogs. Now however, large dogs like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are starting to join the fun! So don’t be afraid to have your large breed dog show up at the dog park with a dog sweater or dog coat on. He’ll be the big man on campus! One thing to keep in mind when buying a dog sweater or dog coat is not to get to carried away with the accessories. Too many Buttons, bows diamond studs Etc. hanging off the dog sweater and get caught on things and get ripped off or simply annoy your dog and get chewed off.

Many times the large breed dog sweaters and dog coats are more functional than the smaller breeds designs which are more inclined to be fashion items only. If your larger dog spends a lot of time out of doors you may consider a rain coat or even a very functional hunting vest.

So even though owning a dog coat or dog sweater may not be the most critical thing you eve purchased, it can really be a lot of fun and give you and your best furry buddy many hours of enjoyment.


Cary Richards

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