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Author Joy Deja King

Joy Deja King is one of the national best selling authors of all times in the 20th century, she is also known to the worls as “your literary sweetheart” which represents a new set of young writers for which she produces young, hip, and sexy novels and introduces yo to her life of what obsticles she faced.

King is the author of the books B**** series these books which may I say have a rating of five stars. If you have never heard of her I might suggest you read this. Her first book is called B****the beginning it’s about this teenage female who lives with her mother but has to support herself because her mother is on drugs, so she goes out into the real world looking for work because she has to pay bills just for staying with her mother, and at 14 years of age who wants that kind of responsibility having to be in school and has to come home to go to work.

Upon working at a gas station she asked her boss how to become someones ride or die chick, so he sat her down and told her about the end of the ropes and how that business is and how it is not going to be easy wanting to be in that kind of lifestyle, her clothing attire was all wrong and she had to dress a certain way if she wanted to find someone in her league, in changing her appearance and going to school she wasn’t doing to well in her classes so she had a nerdy tutor but he wasn’t there to tutor her.

She was looking a guinea pig to experienment on,with some of the things her boss told her she had to do in order to become true to the game and the kind of lifestyle she wanted. So everyday she got better and better at it but while preparing herself to go into the game her mother was giving her optionson either living with her or moving out. so she hurried the process and caught the first decent looking fish she found and he was really nice to her too.

He gave her a nice 2 bedroom apartment and they were living good, but he got caught up in the game too much and his enemies took him out right infront of her and from that day on she vowed to herself that whom ever she ends up with she was going to be the B**** that was running the show. As you read the other novels you would know that in becomming a beautiful woman she did what she had to do to get where she was in the pimping business.

These novels are full of Drama, Suspence, Excitement, and Love I am telling you once you start reading these novels you won’t put them down you will be glued to it, it will have you on your toes, comming off your chair .Ms king also has published other books like Trife Life to Lavish 1&2, Stackin Paper 1&2 and Hooker to Housewife these books to have five star ratings and will also have you asking questions, she is also the founder of Young Diamond Books (YBD) which focuses on the complex street life for the teenage crowd.

Ms. King first book “Ride With Me” was recommended for libraries and school selection guide for which it was in the school libraries twice, she also published her first children’s book called Princess fever birthday bash. You can purchase there books in your local book store or online, please be advised that these books are not for children or teens aged 13-16 so keep them far away from that crowd. So if you are ever in a phase where you want to read a good book go pick up joy king’s books, trust me you won’t be dissapointed.

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