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Baby First Birthday Party

when partners stay together for long periode of time without producing ababy , people in the society start talking about that couple , the big blem is forwarded to the wife , in addition people will say that its the women who can not produce . especially the members from the husband’s family ,she spends alot of time in prayers while asking the lord to help her atleast have one kid in her life . she also has no respect in the public especially when she goes to visit the husband’s family becouse most of the time the female mambers are ever abusing her , they want her to leave there brother ‘s family or home . this results into her stress and as she spends of the time while thing about losing the her beloved husband. in the some case there are many fresh girls or ladies in the society who are not married due to others reasons which l will not explain now . allover the sudden the load’s mercy follows her way and she gets preginant this serves as a miracle to her and to church and the society in general . hence the lord has helped her to remove that shame of not having ababy .

after the nine months she produces the baby l know women pass through labour periods before they produce but in this case after producing the whole pain as now turned into huppiness. l now that huppiness can not be shown in the public at that particur time so they wait for there baby to grow until two years then they organise the baby’s first birthday celebration they begin by organising a home meeting with in the members of the family and there close friends and write down the names of the members who will attend the celebration , after that they design invitation cards and send them to the respective people .

one week before that celebration they make the budget fore that particur issue and then they send some other members to help them with the shopping , l know most of the perents want to celebrate there baby’s first birthday celebrations with all member s from the husbands family and those from the wife’s family , church members, close relatives and friends , in addition most parents also like a well designed birthday cake with the names of there new born baby well written on the cake .

let me inform you about the agender of theparty they begin with the lord’s prayer to thank him for the great miracle and then they sing the birth day song as the new born baby prepare or cuts the cake as they serve the cake the mother and father deliver there speeches followed by other members.

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