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Blitzer-Available in Different Varities

Simply put, a speed camera is a device that is considered as a traffic control unit used for capturing and photographing of violations of traffic rules and regulations. It is also known as a speed trap and basically works on the principle of lasers or radar and a very high-speed infrared camera. Not to mention police personnel always takes advantage of this. In simple words, a speed camera is a speed measurement device that is performed and triggered above a certain speed. In the earlier times, there were light flash speed cameras, these days most are infrared flash units used so that the vehicle owner is not dazzled. Depending on the traffic these devices can be distinguished between the following types: speed cameras, traffic lights, weight Blitzer, distance Blitzer, and manually triggered Blitzer which is the oldest kind of speed cameras. Based on their appearance and working mechanism some of the widely used devices were Blitzers are Gatso, Truvelo, DS2/TSS, Specs, Laser, Mini Gatso, etc.

As a matter of fact, the speed violations caught by these devices are sufficient for a ticket. These devices are permanently installed orare mobile devices. They are commonly found as fixed boxes without any signs or contents installed for traffic control systems on the highway, on the back shelf of a motor vehicle at the roadside or in a moving vehicle, on a tripod with policemen controlling it, in driveways, hidden in bushes, camouflaged as shrubbery, newspaper box, dustbin, etc. The court has actually accepted that the photographs by blitzer are regarded as evidence of traffic violations and are constitutionally unobjectionable.

A traffic speed camera is a device that is always on the side opposite the traffic lights; one by the induction loop is activated in the soil. Red light violations are registered with two flashes. The first flash fires when the car rolls over the stop line, the second when entering the protected area through the traffic light. The Distance Blitzer speed camera is a device that detects vehicles with insufficient clearance. This is commonly used on the highway, where the distance of the vehicle is particularly important for security. The Weight Blitzer speed camera is a device that triggers if the weight of the vehicle exceeds the weight limit. Piezoelectric sensors ar something that measure the pressure in the road to weight. Well, manually triggered Blitzer is the device that is operated by manually triggering the flash or video surveillance. With the help of this technique more violations are detected with precision such as using cell phone while driving or passenger not wearing a seatbelt, bike rider not wearing helmet and a police pursuing fugitive car whose number and movements are determined.

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