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Booklet Tips – Commodity or Customized

What is the value of your tips booklet? The value may be different when it’s viewed as a commodity, something that is a mass-produced un-specialized product, rather than something specialized.

How you perceive the value of your booklet can also differ from how your buyers and/or readers perceive it. You could be under-valuing or over-valuing it according to what your market thinks.

Value is subjective. The number of words or pages is not what determines the value of your booklet, no matter how much anyone wants to measure it that way. You can write 3,000 words that solve a person’s biggest challenges, or you can accomplish that solution in 10 words. You can create a 100,000 word book and still not get to the best remedy for your reader. So those measurements fall short.

Your tips booklet’s value is low(er) when its information seems like common sense, yesterday’s news, superficial, missing the mark, too generalized, or information the reader already knows.

The booklet’s significance goes up substantially when you speak to the specific challenges of the person reading your booklet. You and your information are no longer a readily available commodity that can easily be gotten anywhere else.

Before you worry about how much specialization is required to move from commodity to customized, it can be easier than you think. Take the topic of time management, for instance. You may be someone who writes and speaks about that topic. How many folks talk about time management for academic professionals or for new parents or those who work overnight shifts or retail shop owners or other specific groups of people? It’s pretty likely that very few people, in the grand scheme of things, have approached those groups.

While you may have no interest or knowledge in some of those audiences, it probably got you thinking about ways that suit you better, ways you can take your tips booklet from being viewed as a commodity to presenting it as a customized product with greater value. By the way, the increased value frequently commands higher prices, too.

Or you talk about setting up filing systems for paper that still does exist in corporate offices. The executive may feel there is no need to learn about the inner workings of the particular filing system since there is a very capable assistant in the department. That’s all great right up to the moment the executive needs that one filed piece of paper with a scribbled note that is key in closing a major deal and the assistant happens to be unavailable. A tips booklet that is a simple how-to road map around filing systems for executives may be the same or very similar one written for assistants, with little more than a different title and slight differentiation!

ACTION– Revisit your main topic(s) to see how you can take your generic content to numerous customized audiences. For instance, your technology tips for small business owners may be just as appreciated, if not more, by Baby Boomers or seniors who have more time, life experiences, and resources to buy more of what you’re offering and who really do want to know more about technology.

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Paulette Ensign, Tips Products International Founder, never dreamed of selling a million+ copies of her 16-page tips booklet 110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life, much less in four languages and various formats without a penny on advertising. She’s made a handsome living and cross-country move from New York to San Diego recycling those same 3500 words since 1991. With over forty years’ experience worldwide with small businesses, corporations, and professional associations in numerous industries, she and her cat live a mile from the beach, keeping them both young at heart. Learn more at and

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