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Buy High Quality Acrylic Countertop Display For Your Needs

An acrylic countertop display is a beautiful addition to any home or office. There are several variations to the counters including the color and the size. One of the things that this kind of countertop can be used for is a jewelry display. Look at the type of jewelry that will be displayed on the counter before making the display. If there are necklaces or bracelets, then the entire piece should be showcased on the counter. A smaller display can be used for rings and earrings. Jewelry can be placed inside the case or on the top if customers can see the merchandise.

When making the display, keep the customer in mind. Make sure the customer can see everything and the products are easy to pick up so that the customer can examine them. Acrylic countertops are best used near the front of the store and near the checkout counter. Employees can monitor the items on the counter while still giving customers the freedom to look at the items. In order to use the most space available, make half of a square shape with two tables or cases. Customers can look on all sides of the cases when making a decision. Lights can be added to the display to make it easier to see items if the store is open in the evening. Make sure the items in the display case are reflective of what the store sells on a regular basis.

Another idea is to place information about the company in the display. Keep a stack of business cards so that customers can take one with them. A simple flier can be placed in the Acrylic counter display so that customers can easily find the phone number and hours of the store. The display can also be used to advertise a sale on select merchandise. If the items are small, they can be placed on the counter so that customers are attracted to the items that are on sale or clearance. There are numerous variations of the displays.

Some have a curved shape, and some have a surface that does not have a glare. When looking for an acrylic countertop display, it is important to keep in mind that the area should not be cluttered. Too much is often not appealing to the customer, and the customer might walk away from a sale. Rotate the items in the display if it is a case, or keep the information updated that is in a flat display. Employees also need to keep the surface clean so that customers can easily see what is inside.

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