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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

This is probably one of the questions many new dog owners want to ask. Giving dogs with some sweet treats is a great way to make them feel that you love them. And yes, all puppies and dogs can eat apples. Apples are crunchy, sweet and wonderful treats for your pooch and like other fruits, such as blueberries, they are great treat to share to your dog.

In fact, leaving the apple skin on can be ideal for your dog because they are rich in plant chemicals that are known to be protective against some forms of human cancer. They are also an excellent source of fiber and Vitamins A and C. However, you should not allow them to eat the core because the seeds contain cyanide. Even if the effects of ingesting a few seeds won’t likely harm your dog, they actually have a deleterious effect that can accumulate over time if you allow your dog to eat apple seeds on a regular basis.

So when feeding dogs, make sure to give them sliced ones with the seeds removed. According to research, most dogs prefer eating sweeter apples than the sour ones. Dogs that have sensitive digestion are known to tolerate apples very well. Depending on what the size of your dog is, you may decide the number of apples to feed him.

But remember that apples should be fed as treat and are not meant to replace his daily meals that he need in order to get the nutrition he needs. Also, you want to make sure your dogs are not eating too many apples because it might cause indigestion, digestive upset and other problems.

Apple slices, when used regularly as sweet treats for your dog can promote strong and healthy teeth. Moreover, apples can make their breath smell good which you will surely appreciate. Because apples contain low saturated fat and sodium, you can give it to your pet every day. Flawless, beautiful skin is associated with the daily consumption of this fruit. Since apples are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, it is capable of promoting glossy, smooth coat. Aside from that, it is noted to prevent skin allergies in dogs.

Allowing your pooch to consume excess amounts of apples can be hazardous to their health. Ingesting great amounts of apple can cause tummy upset. As dogs are naturally insatiable eaters, it is important to take precaution so keep them from eating too much of it. Apples have natural sugars not like other dog treats that can contain processed sugar. But when eating in huge amounts, sugar will contribute still to your dog’s weight gain. If you decided to feed your dog with apples, make sure it is done in moderation. The calcium and phosphorous content of it can worsen the condition of those dogs that have kidney problem. It is also not advisable to feed dogs with apples in larger quantities due to choking hazards.

Can dogs eat apples? Of course they can. Just make sure the seeds of the apple are removed and your dog eats them in moderation.

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