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Can Our Cute Dogs Eat Apples?

Unlike cats, dogs are not picky eaters. In fact, dogs are known as voracious eaters and can eat anything you give them or even those foods you don’t wish to share them. If you have seen your dog munching on an apple, be worry-free because as much as apples are good for human, they are also good for dogs.

Apples can be a healthy snack or treat for your dog. Most dogs love apples especially the sweet variety. But before giving your dog this sweet and healthy treat, there are a few important things to bear in mind first. Do not give your dog whole apple. That can choke your dog. In the first place, too much apple can cause your pet to have upset stomach. It is also important that you remove the core of the fruit particularly the seeds as they are poisonous.

It is best to give your dog sliced apples. That is true especially if it is his first time to eat apples. You can give them a slice from the apple you are eating to see if the taste is pleasing to them. Also, when eating apples especially with your dog around, always sliced them up before eating because when your dog sees you are eating the fruit in whole, they are more tempted to eat the same.

There is no need to peel the apple because most dogs enjoying eating the skin as well. The fiber present in apple skin can be good to your dog’s diet. The most important thing is to core it. Apples should be washed before giving them to your dog. That is because most fruits have too much insecticides on them and your dog might eat them if the apples are unwashed.

Apples are not only a delicious but nutritious treat or snack for your dogs as well. They have low calorie content and that may just be perfect for overweight dogs. You can keep your dog’s body weight ideal by giving them apples as regular treat. The best thing about apples is they are helpful in your dog’s oral hygiene. They are better for your dog’s teeth and are less destructive compared to other dog treats.

Many store bought dog treats have more sugar and protein in them which are not good for your dog’s diet. This can only make your dog hyperactive. Healthy treats like slices of apples and carrots are not only healthy but also cheap alternatives to these snacks.

Apples are best given to dogs as they come. Sweetened or cooked apples won’t be suitable for them. Only because apples are completely fine for dogs, does not necessarily mean all fruits are. For example, dogs should not eat grapes or raisins.

So if your dog likes eating apples, you surely won’t mind sharing them this delicious and sweet treat. Just remember though that when introducing new foods to the usual diet of your dog, you should do it slowly. Changing their diet drastically may cause some stomach problems.

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