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Cat Climbing Trees – Cat Climbing Trees

It is a much safer place to sleep than on the ground.

Seriously, if you have a cat you need a cat climbing tower. Kitty would much rather have her own spot where she can climb and nap undisturbed than take one of yours.

And of course the cat is a predator as well as prey, and cats will happily go straight up a tree if they can see something tasty in the branches like a bird. And they are particularly good at this at night when they are best able to catch many small nocturnal furry animals which live in our trees.

The materials are the costliest part of building your cat tower. Take a look around and see what you have on hand. Do you have any carpet scraps left over from finishing the basement? Pieces of plywood that are too big to throw away but too small to do much with?

Of course it’s very difficult to know unless you can get into the mind of a cat however it’s most likely that climbing is purely instinctual. There is no doubt that climbing a tree is a wonderful way for a cat to get away from a predator, and I have seen many instances of cats smirking at dogs below from the safety of a branch.

Your cat can always perch on cat climbing furniture or cat climbing trees and look out through glass at the world. They can repose in their cat condos houses or cat condos with stairs to climb. There’s a huge selection but you can usually find cheap cat condos on the net. These concerns will be vital to mull over to ensure your cat remains a happy healthy cat when deciding on having a indoor cat or an outdoor cat.

So if you do the right thing and keep your cat indoors 24 hours a day can you expect him to forget about his instinct to climb? No you can’t. If he has nothing to climb then he will find something. Most commonly the back of your couch or your favourite curtains. It wouldn’t be the first time that a homeowner has come home from work to find their favourite curtains together with the curtain rail in a heap on the floor after the cat has tried to climb the curtains.

One problem with most traditional scratching posts is they are not tall enough for the cat to really stretch up while scratching; and even if they are tall enough, the cat would likely pull it over on itself if it tried. Anyone who owns cats knows how much they like to stretch their muscles. Cat climbing trees not only address these issues, but also typically combine textures, such as carpet, sisal, burlap and sometimes unfinished wood. This allows the cat to choose what type of surface it wants to work on. Cat trees also have shelves or hidey-holes from which your kitties can watch the world. If you have a clowder [or ‘herd’], they will each usually pick their favorite spot on the tree, with the more dominant ones mostly at the top.

It’s called a cat tree. Sometimes you’ll see it referred to as a cat tower or gym, but basically it’s a piece of furniture designed specifically for him to climb and play on, where damage is immaterial.

The problem, to be sure, is that it’s an unsafe world out there. They will not be the ultimate predators, and wolves / coyotes / dogs would be glad to harm them. There are illness and natural germs they can catch. Vehicles are extremely threatening to creatures of all types. Often the deadliest predator can be other people with malice in mind. We do no favors by assuming the best intentions out of a populace that runs the entire gamut.

Anyone who has a cat will tell you that they love to climb. All cats love to climb, just think of those images of lions sitting in trees in Africa. Why do cats love to climb and how can you cater to this if your cat is an indoors cat?

Cat climbing trees also allow the daily ‘crazies’ to go vertical as well, with the added benefit (at least in my experience) that they burn off more energy and the crazies don’t last as long.

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