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Catio Designs – Building Outdoor Cat House

I don’t know if any of our cats ever actually made use of our little home we built them, but even we understood the need for a cat to have a place of their own. We knew that they were special to us, and we wanted to give them something wonderful. The cat houses that are available today are a bit more luxurious and built to a much higher standard.

2. Attached to the pet door, on the outside is a walkway the size of the door, enclosed with chicken wire, which attaches to an entry hole cut in the kennel wire.

Since cats have an instinctive behavior of staying put in one place, purchasing a cat enclosure for your pet before shifting to a new home is a great idea as it will prevent your kitty from running away in search of her old home. In addition, it will also help her get used to the new surroundings. Even if your kitty wanders off to a far off area while playing, chances are that they will find their way back home. One of the more interesting uses of indoor enclosures is that they are a great tool for cat breeders who would like to induce selective breeding among their cats.

Once you have joined the many pet owners opting to build outdoor cat enclosures also coined catios for their pets; you will want to consider the different access points to your cat run. Here are a few ideas about entrance points for your catio cat enclosure plans before you go out and start buying materials.

The enclosures are generally constructed of wood and metal and in most cases have a roof to prevent the cat from jumping out. Readymade enclosures are easily available at pet stores. Many suppliers will even build custom made enclosures if you should need it.

Many people don’t realize that a cat has just as much of a need for a home of their own as a dog. Cat owners have just as much love for their cats as dog owners do for their dogs, so why shouldn’t we be able to find the perfect homes for our pets? There are cat houses built for every cat, and they don’t require any large objects to hold them down!

This required some large rocks and whatever else we could find that was heavy enough to stop the sheets from blowing off the table. My poor parents must have loved our final result – which made the picnic table into something I imagine would have looked better in the junk yard than in our front yard! And, of course, we didn’t let anyone take it apart, so we couldn’t even use the picnic table for what it was actually meant for.

You will want to have comfortable access to your catio to be able to add accessories, spend time with your pets as well as keep it clean. Your cats however would like nothing more than to have their own access panels if your structure is attached to your house side or window. If your porch has two doors to the back yard you can place the enclosure adjacent to my back porch. The porch has two doors to the back yard. In effect, the enclosure encompassed one of those doors so I could walk directly form the porch into the enclosure

I designed two outside condos made of plastic dairy crates that will be weatherproof. Sides were cut out to make tunnels through which the cats can walk and then ascend to the next level. The first condo is four levels high. Each level has at least one crate on the end where a cat can lay. They can also lay inside each crate forming the tunnel. Since dairy crates have no solid sides, to each horizontal exposed crate surface I have attached a square piece of plastic with a square of outdoor carpet glued to it. This gives them the solid surface on which to walk or lay. The condos are created by strapping the crates together with electrical ties. These are strong and will last indefinitely.

Ventilation is an important consideration and you will find that most pre-built coops have circular drilled holes at the rear of the sleeping/nesting end which are very often meshed for safety. The ventilation is important not only for keeping air circulating in hot summer months, but is important for preventing a harmful build up of gases from the hen’s waste products.

6. These two sections are attached in the center of each room to form the pitched roof. A section of pipe, like the kennel frame, is attached to the top of the kennel frame with risers, making the center of the roof about 8″ taller than the sides, allowing for the pitch of the roof. The roof sections are attached by strapping the frame of each roof section to the center pipe with long electrical ties.

For your own access you will probably use a screen door kit made of either wood or aluminium. Keep in mind that you will need to install galvanized chicken wire over any screen on the door, as the cats will claw through regular bug screens. Alternately if you live in an urban area regular netting will suffice.

Cat house plans for the do-it-yourself crowd are available from a few sources. Build Your Own Cat House – Cat House Plans.

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