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CIA Pelosi Liberals – CIA

To determine if Nancy Pelosi is lying about her not being informed about the water boarding techniques by the Central Intelligence Agency we must consider her past truthfulness in her high visibility position as Speaker of the House. Therein lays the problem of belief that she is lying when she was trying to find out if torture was being used on the prisoners.

The fact that Nancy Pelosi has lied before in her political pursuits surely has to be taken into consideration. This is the point where we get into the question of what constitutes a lie. Any reasonable and logical person would have to agree that there are few that have lied in their past life or actions. But, to what degree did they lie and were they cognizant of the lie. To lie one may transgress the boundary from the truth to a lie by crossing a small creek in the effort or to transgress the ocean and tell what may only be called a whopper. The largesse of the lie defines the degree of intent to tell a lie and it almost always involves acquiring money or power. Or in the same vein proving one is correct and that their political way is truth, or just crossing a body of water, and gaining a new perspective of their sense of truth to prove a point.

Before we ponder this question too long, it is very precarious to tell a lie. Thou shalt not lie. If you do you will suffer the consequences one way or the other. The first time you lie and think you have gotten away with it you find later that it has prostituted your mind and that it becomes easier with repetition. This sad fact may even continue to the extent that it prostitutes your mind to the point where you start to believe your lies. Therefore, you are lying to yourself. When you consider the damage to a mind that ensues you may realize that you are actually prosecuting yourself.

Maybe that’s the reason that anyone who is alert and knows how to read facial and body language can determine if a person is lying by facial expressions, a poker tell, or a downward glance to hide the truth in the eyes. Studying Nancy Pelosi it is very telling that she looks like she eats from the cookie jar when she thinks no one is around to watch. Then, Nan baby says “Didn’t not! Didn’t eat the cookies.” to justify the ever present overlapping layer of fat which broadcasts the real truth. Yes it’s true Nan baby, if you enter the baby’s room after he needs a change the truth will stink up the place and tell all that you neglected to perform the change of diapers. Truth!

So Nan, the Fourth Greatest Lie in the World becomes, “The CIA did not inform me of water boarding.”

So you may want to let a sleeping dog lie, and join him in his endeavor. Thereby, adding one more lie to your total.

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