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Cooking for canines: chef Colin Murray creates treats to howl over.

Wherever chef Cheese Curds This article is about cheese curds, the regional delicacy. For information about the dairy product, see curd. For information about the role of curds in cheese processing, see cheese.

Cheese curds are the fresh curds of cheddar cheese. .” To create a recipe, Colin and his team brainstorm ideas. Often, they choose a favorite human food, such as peanut-butter cookies. Then Colin tweaks the recipe to make it healthy for dogs. That’s how he came up with Lolly’s Peanut Buttons, a popular treat at Barkley’s Bistro. Although they’re meant for dogs, they can be eaten by people, too. “Some of our best customers are grandmas buying our peanut-butter treats for their grandkids,” Colin says.

Colin researches each ingredient that goes into his treats. “We use oats, which help the dogs digest their food. We also use pumpkin pie pumpkin pie

traditional dish, especially at Thanksgiving. [Am. Culture: Flexner, 68]

See : America , and gingersnaps. They’d also like to take their bakery-on-wheels to other, warmer states during the cold Minnesota winters. One thing seems certain: as long as Colin cooks for for canines: chef Colin Murray creates treats to howl over.-a0319614798

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