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Corn Dog Machines- The Next Generation Of Hot Dog Equipment

Most of us are familiar with commercial hot dog equipment that grills or steams dogs and keeps them warm. A corn dog fryer, however, is probably new to many of us. Snack vendors should take note of this machine. It may be just what the concession area needs to increase sales. Many customers would agree that a corn dog tastes much better than a hot dog.

The world of corn dogs is a simple one. Electric and gas powered corn dog fryers are available that do the majority of the work. There are even corn dog bakers that avoid the need to cook in oil, catering to health-conscious customers. Adding a small or standard sized corn dog maker to the concession stand could create a noticeable improvement in sales. The machine is relatively inexpensive so the cost will be quickly recouped.

A small corn dog fryer holds 12 dogs and also makes fried vegetables, shrimp rolls, and cheese dogs. The single fry basket, available separately, offers convenient cooking for smaller items. A small fryer is compact enough to sit on the counter of the concession stand without getting in the way. This machine is offered in 120 or 230-volt versions, enabling any size stand to offer corn dogs.

Standard sized corn dog fryers are available in gas or electric models. They quickly fry corn dogs measuring up to 8.5 inches long, using 230 volts of electricity or gas power. Even these high production machines are suitable for countertop use because they feature enclosed construction and quick access. A foot-long version of the corn dog fryer accommodates dogs up to 12 inches long that are dipped in batter, frying them for a tasty snack.

The corn dog baker features five cavities that can also be used to create cheese or sausage on a stick. It can even make delicious fudge puppies and waffles on a stick. About five waffles can be made in three minutes using the easy to follow instructions. This machine allows vendors to get creative with their snack sales, offering hot treats prepared in a healthy manner.

When purchasing hot dog equipment, vendors should also consider a lighted sign for advertising purposes. Hanging this in a highly visible area informs customers that this stand sells corn dogs rather than plain hot dogs. Customers who have never tried these snacks and those who love them will line up to place an order.

If you need hot dog equipment for your business, visit today. We feature a full line of hot dog equipment and anything else you will need to run your concession business.

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