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Does Animal Stak Help You Gain Muscle?

A lot of bodybuilders swear by this supplement. The ratings on the internet are through the roof as well. Clearly this Is a supplement worth looking into. This inspired me to dig deeper into this wondrous supplement and what I found was quite interesting. It seems Animal Stak will help you to gain muscle.

Before you start thinking that this must be some kind shady hormone inducing drug, let me tell you that Animal Stak is nothing more than the incredible hulk of multi-vitamins. When you look at the label of this stuff (and I suggest that you do) you will understand why I refer to it as the hulk of multi-vitamins. The list of nutrients contained in the supplement is mind blowing.

To give you an example of how extreme the ingredients are, here is a sample of what’s on the nutrition label:

(Note: I could not put exact quantities or details about each ingredient because it would be considered duplicate content)

Vitamin C 1667%

Vitamin D 170%

Vitamin E 1000%

Thiamin 5067%

Riboflavin 4471%

Niacin 410%

Vitamin B6 9000%

Clearly, the bio-chemists were not messing around when they developed this stuff. So now that we know that this supplement is basically a highly potent multi-vitamin, let’s look into why it’s so effective when trying to gain muscle.

As you train throughout the week, your body breaks down and rebuilds again. This process, (known as protein synthesis) demands many different vitamins and minerals in order to be sustained. Of course, the best source for nutrients is a large variety of whole foods. But even if your diet is amazing, you will probably be deficient in one or more areas of your essential vitamins and minerals.

At first, this isn’t really a big deal. Your body can keep up to the demands of muscle growth and adaptation because the deficiencies aren’t that extreme. However, over a period of time, your body will start to hit the ceiling. This is when many bodybuilders experience their “platue.”

Their strength and weight gains come to a halt and start to fluctuate. They become frustrated. That’s when they think that they just need to change up their workouts, but that’s not the root of the problem. Fact is, they are not providing their body with the absurd amounts of nutrition that is required to keep gaining muscle mass.

No matter what workout routine to gain muscle you use, if you’re not supplying your body with optimal nutrition from one end of the spectrum to the other, then you will hit a wall. Many bodybuilders believe that a standard multi-vitamin will cut it.

Let’s quickly compare a recommended bodybuilding multi-vitamin called Mega Men Sport.

(Note: I could not put exact quantities or details about each ingredient because it would be considered duplicate content)

Vitamin A 100%

Vitamin C 500%

Vitamin D 50%

Vitamin E 333%

Vitamin K 100%

Thiamin 3333%

Riboflavin 2941%

Niacin 250%

Vitamin B6 2500%

As you can see, they really aren’t all that different when you compare the sample of the top vitamins (if you take multiple servings of Mega Men Sport that is). However, one thing to note here is that Animal Pak has a lot more than just vitamins and minerals. It also has an abundance of amino acids, a performance complex, an anti-oxidant complex, and a digestive complex. Everything works in synergy together to provide an optimal anabolic state.

Here’s a big downside to Animal Pak. One serving (one pack) contains 22 pills for you to shove down your throat. That seems a little obscene right? Whereas Mega Mens Sport, only calls for 2 pills per serving. Taking 22 pills at one time can take some getting used to.

Many people take their 22 pills first thing in the morning. However, some believe that they pass many of the water soluble vitamins through their system this way. Because of this, some like to take their pills an hour before they train with their workout routine to gain muscle. The pills work with time release nutrients, so consuming them one way or another won’t make a massive difference.

As for the cost of Animal Pak, you’re looking at roughly $30 (44 servings) every month and a half depending where you get them from. So they are quite affordable. When you compare it to Mega Men Sport, you spend significantly less with the price for Mega Men Sport being roughly $20 for 90 capsules (45 servings).

Overall, if you train really hard with a workout routine to gain muscle, then it’d probably greatly benefit you to use Animal Pak. If you’re just weight lifting to maintain some strength and to feel good, then a multi-vitamin like Mega Men Sport will probably do just fine.

As I stated above, no matter how great your diet is, you will more than likely be missing certain amounts of key nutrients. Supplementing with the proper balance of necessary minerals and vitamins can make the difference between hitting theceilingor breaking through it.

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