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Dog Calming Products

Dog Anxiety Does your dog exhibit anxiety symptoms possibly manifested in acting out behaviors of aggression, chewing, trembling, pacing, whining, drooling, panting, or even hyperactivity? Is he uncomfortable around strange people, loud noises, children? Many dogs suffer from some form of anxiety, whether it be separation anxiety, noise anxiety, car/travel anxiety, or a variety of others that could make for an overall nervous dog. Dog parents are often troubled and sometimes anxious themselves about how to best calm their dogs and don’t always know where to turn for help in this area. There are many options available to dog parents to help alleviate their dog’s uneasiness. I am going to discuss some of the dog calming products that are available for our canine friends.

Veterinarian And Prescription Medicine The first step in treating your dog’s anxiety should be a trip to your vet to rule out the possibility of an underlying medical condition as the culprit. Some common causes are thyroid disorders, diabetes, encephalitis, blindness, and hearing loss. These illnesses need to be treated appropriately by your vet for your dog’s wellbeing and longevity. Once any underlying medical condition is treated, the symptoms of anxiety your dog is exhibiting may all disappear. If your dog’s health checks out okay but he is still anxious in certain circumstances, your vet may recommend some prescription medicine used to treat anxiety like alprazolam or clomipramine.

Natural/Herbal Remedies Many dog parents are hesitant to use prescription medications for their four-legged friends because of the negative side effects. If your dog gets a clean bill of health from the vet, you should determine what is the root of your dog’s anxiety to better know how to treat it. Watch your dog closely to see when his behavior changes and what has triggered his anxiety. Even your own changing moods can set off a reaction in your dog. There are many natural or herbal dog calming products available that have proven quite effective in reducing stress and helping dogs to relax without the side effects of prescription medications. Some natural oils or essences used would include lavender, valerian root, chamomile, passion flower, etc., virtually the same used by many dog parents themselves to relax. Melatonin, a natural remedy used by humans for insomnia, has also proven very effective in treating noise phobia in dogs without causing them to be drowsy. There are many preparations of natural remedies on the market. Research and comparison is recommended to find those appropriate for you dog without unnecessary fillers or byproducts. The purer forms of these can be used with confidence to help soothe your dog. You can find sources for many of these dog calming products at Each dog will respond differently to these natural remedies, so don’t give up if one doesn’t work. What works for your neighbor’s dog may be totally ineffective in calming your own pet.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone Dog calming products are also available in the form of dog appeasing pheromone collars and sprays. These have been proven to be quite effective in helping calm a dog by emitting a chemical, pheromone, that mimics that of a mother dog when pacifying her pups. By using this collar, the calming agent is always with your pet. Some dog parents find this appealing for the dog who seems to be frightened of just about anything. There is also a diffuser available to plug into the wall that fills the room with the pheromone which is odorless to humans.

Pressure Wraps Another form of therapy that has seen great success involves snug-fitting clothing. These pressure wraps cover the majority of the body of your dog and provide gentle pressure, much like a hug, especially targeting accupressure points to help calm and reassure your animal. These allow the dog the freedom of all movements and ability to urinate and defecate without problem. They are not constricting or tight-fitting at all when wearing the correct size. They are just snug enough to provide gentle pressure and are effective in helping your dog feel safe and comforted.

Music Therapy Music has long been known to calm us during times of stress. Now, some music has been scientifically proven to also provide the same effect on dogs when using music written for just that purpose and especially paying particular attention to the sound frequencies heard by dogs. Such music calms and relaxes your dog during times of stress and can be used as often as needed.

Behavior Modification Many dog parents forego all of the above dog calming products and work on behavior modification in alleviating their dog’s fears. Behavior modification is different from obedience training in that it directly addresses the underlying cause of the problem and not just the outward manifestation of it. This is hard work on your part and takes time, commitment, and consistency. A dog behavior specialist is best suited to assist you in working on your dog’s anxiety issues.

Summary There are many dog calming products available to dog parents to help alleviate your pet’s anxiety level. Choosing the correct product for your dog can take some experimenting to find the perfect fit but well worth it when you land on just the right product. Get to know your pet well and his personality and then choose a dog calming product that you feel would work best in your situation. Keep searching if the first calming formula for dogs you choose doesn’t work for your pet. Your best friend deserves your commitment to helping him have a more stress-free and thus more enjoyable life that he shares with you.

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