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Dog Home Grooming Tips – How You Can Groom Your Dog Yourself?

Grooming your dog can be an exciting experience for you and your pet depending on how to handle it. Proper preparation and the right attitude is the key to having a successful grooming session with your dog.

To pave a way for a successful grooming sessions, it is best to groom your pet after a long walk or exercise. This would help to calm her down and she would be unable to put up much fight and resistance when she is physically exhausted. If you are grooming your pet for the first time, try to keep it short and gradually increase the timing as she gets used to the experience. If your pet sis not used to being touched, start touching her all over her body few days to the grooming so that she can get used to being touched and be less fidgety during the grooming session.

The first thing you should do when grooming your dog is to clip her nails. Use a pet-safe nail trimmer to trim her nails so that she doesn’t scratch you and leave painful marks when you are struggling to groom her. Be careful not to cut your dogs nerves or veins when trying to trim her nails.

The next thing to do is to brush her furs. Make sure you brush her furs before bathing her or the water would make the matted or tangled areas more difficult to handle. You should pay close attention to your dog’s fur and brush her regularly especially during summer. After brushing, use thinning shears to take out tangled or matted hair starting with the large tangles. Avoid using scissors to trim your dogs to avoid accidents that often happen when dog owners are trying to groom their dogs. If your dog is a breed that requires a special type of cut, please see a professional to help you out with the desired cut. After trimming, use a smoothening brush to smoothen her fur.

Now it’s time to bath your lovely pet. Some pet owners have replaced the regular flea baths with spot-on flea treatments given once in a month and allergic pet owners also use some non-toxic products to be rubbed on dog’s skin to combat allergies. Even with this, it is still important to give your pet regular and proper bath. Even if your dog stays indoors all day, a bath is still necessary from time to time. You may consider talking to your Vet or an experienced professional on how often you should bath your dog.

For your dog, you should use a shampoo that has a moderate pH level and won’t dry out her skin. You may use baby shampoo if you only bath her occasionally but if you bathe her regularly, it is more advisable to use a proper dog shampoo. Homemade shampoos are safer for your pet as you are able to monitor the ingredients that go in and avoid harmful ingredients.

Bathing your dog may prove to be a challenging experience for you because most dogs usually resist a bath especially when they are not used to the experience. You can teach your dog to enjoy the experience. Reward him with treats and teach him good bath behaviors. Rinse her body off thoroughly to avoid leaving a residue of products.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is also very important as dogs too can develop severe teeth problems that may lead to greater problems like immune system problems or even death. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly using dog-safe toothpaste. Avoid using toothpaste that is meant for humans as they contain chemicals like fluoride that are harmful to the dog when ingested. There are different types of dog toothbrush available for sale. You can use a children’s toothbrush for adult dogs but for puppies, make use of compact rubber finger tip toothbrush.

Be firm and consistent in grooming your dog and refrain from indulging your dogs grooming fears. Gradually, she would learn to enjoy the experience and even look forward to it considering the amount of treats and petting she would get as soon as the session is over and done with.

Grooming your dog all by yourself could strengthen the bond between you and your pet. However you should call a dog grooming service like Dog grooming Chicago every 3-4 week for professional grooming experience.

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