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Dog Obedience Training is So Important – Here’s Why

So you brought home your brand new puppy. Dog obedience training is the last thing on your mind. Oh, you know you will have to train your dog to go to the bathroom outside but that is no big deal.

You envision what your life is going to be like now that you have a new best friend. You imagine being able to take your dog with you to the park where he can run free and play with you. He will go ever where that you do and he will always stay by your side so you don’t even need him on a leash.

Maybe he will be your son or daughter’s best friend. They will spend the summers running together and getting into mischief the way a kid and their dog are supposed to. Life is going to be great!

Then reality sets in.

Your well mannered dog refuses to go to the bathroom outside and thinks your couch is the best place to sleep. He snubs his nose at his food and instead forges the counter to find a meal fit for a king. Your carpet is a digging zone.

Never mind that you bought him plenty of bones and toys to chew, the sides of your favorite recliner is the perfect chew toy. He barks all day and night and slowly but surely your hopes and dreams of owning the perfect dog has vanished.

Now what do you do?

Well you can’t get rid of the blasted dog because even though he is a monster he has the saddest eyes that he stares up at you with when he’s in trouble. He really loves you and you are quite fond of him.

If only he would behave.

Well the answer my friend is dog training and not just taking your dog to a dog training class a handful of times. Dogs need constant training to get well behaved but it is not as hard to do as you might think. Dogs want to please and because of that when you finally figure out how to communicate with your dog and he understands what it is that you expect from him he will go out of his way to make you happy.

If your dog is in desperate need of dog obedience training please visit us at Safe Dog Obedience Training Advice is a free resource for anyone looking to safely train their dog.

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