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Dog vs Cat Debate – Dog

A dog or a cat, which would make a better pet? There are two ways to answer this question. The first being objectively and the second, emotionally. Objectively I would have to say a cat but emotionally it is hands down a dog. There are pros and cons to having both as pets.Having a cat is probably the best pet for owners that do not have a lot of time on their hands. Cats are extremely independent, they bathe themselves, their litter box can be changed every few days, they are feed at least twice a day, and they do not have to be walked daily or let out to do their business. They are practically maintenance free. The problem that I have with cats, is that they only want attention on their own time. The owner is at their mercy for attention.Having said that, I feel that dogs are the way to go. Yes there are cons to owning a dog. They do need to be feed twice a day, they absolutely need to be walked almost daily, they should be groomed especially when it is shedding time, they need to be taken out daily and this means that cleaning up after them is also a daily chore, although that can be stretched to every few days if there area is big enough, and most importantly dogs need constant attention, unless you want your house chewed to pieces. I do feel that the pros of dog ownership outweigh the cons. True dog lovers do not mind cleaning up after their dogs or taking them out several times a day to do their business. They do this out of love. Grooming time can be a special bonding time between owner and pet. Playtime is quality time between the two resulting in many memorable events. Taking walks not only benefit the dog, it benefits the owners tremendously, especially around the buttocks area. Taking walks together can be an exciting adventure. Did you ever watch as a lab runs right into the bay after a duck, thinking that they can catch the duck? It is hilarious. The most important reason for favoring a dog is the love that develops between owner and dog. Dogs become so excited upon your return home, it would not matter if you were only gone five minutes. They jump all over you, wash your face in many, many kisses. Dogs have a way of making the owners feel appreciated, and they can sense when you are sick. I had stomach issues one day, and my Lab would not leave my side until I better. Talk about devotion. I have never met a cat that would do that.I better not forget about the protection issue. Cats can not guard a house from an intruder. Dogs will go out of their way to protect their owners. I feel completely safe having a dog in the house, and especially on my daily walk. Knowing my dog is with me ensures a peace of mind.As far as I am concerned dogs win. The saying as it should go from Homeward Bound, ” Dogs rule and cats drool!” Just kidding. But seriously I feel that dogs are the more compatible pet. Hopefully you agree.

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