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Edible Christmas Cards Top List of Hot Pet Holiday Gifts; The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association Announces Hottest Holiday Pet Products and Holiday Pet Safety Tips.

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GREENWICH, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 24, 2003

Forty million Americans will be shopping not only for the family this holiday season, but for the family pet as well. Hundreds of Santa’s elves (otherwise known as pet product manufacturers) are making sure these shoppers will have a great selection from which to choose. To help shoppers create their pet gift lists, The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association has released its own list of some of the “hottest” pet gifts on the market this year.

Topping the list is the greeting cards See e-card.  are made of flattened red envelope A Red envelope or Red packet is a monetary gift which is given in Chinese society during holiday or special occasions. Usage

Red envelopes are often presented on social and family occasions such as a Chinese marriage wedding receptions or a holiday such as Chinese  for mailing and an insert for a personalized message. For photos and more information log onto

Other items sure to top pet owners’ lists this year include:

— Talk To Me Treatball(TM) is a revolutionary pet toy that

enables pet owners to pre-record personal messages for their

pet to listen to while their owners are away. The message is

activated when the pet plays with the ball. It also dispenses

treats and comes in a special holiday pack with free treats.

The Talk To Me Treatball made by Marketing and Creative Sales

(MACS) can be used as a training toy and help with pets’

separation anxiety.

— Rodi Petfood’s Christmas Countdown Calendar for Jewish holiday For the Gregorian dates of Jewish Holidays, see Jewish holidays #

A Jewish holiday or Jewish Festival is a day or series of days observed by Jews as a holy or secular commemoration of an important event in Jewish history.  season, Evangers Dog and Cat Food Co.

Inc. and Kosher Pets are offering Kosher pet food and treats

for Passover that include freeze-dried kosher beef and poultry

patties, fresh whole chicken treats and canned stew.,

— To adorn your pet with jewelry, Celltei has introduced pet

charms that attach to collars or harnesses and come in gold,

silver and colored bells, hearts made of Swarovski crystal,

and sterling silver hearts with a letter inside as well as dog

and fish bones. Celltei also offers high-end silk and other

material pet carriers.

— Multipet International offers a creative line of Christmas pet

toys including Snowman and Reindeer Christmas carols A Christmas carol is a carol whose lyrics center on the theme of Christmas or that has become associated with the Christmas season even though its lyrics may not specifically refer to Christmas. Both types of Christmas carols are included in this list.  when squeezed. Also, Dingle Dangles(TM)

are Santa- and reindeer-shaped animals that hang over

doorknobs and jingle bells Jingle Bells

yuletide song composed by J. S. Pierpont. [Pop. Music: Van Doren, 200]

See : Christmas  

inside, Holiday Tennis Buddys, which are bouncing plush toys

in Santa, reindeer and snowman styles and Holiday Kitten

Mitten, which combines pompoms, catnip and jingle bells that Christmas Cards Top List of Hot Pet Holiday Gifts; The…-a0108118036

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