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Feeding Your Dog Treats – Is it Good Or Bad?

You know how important it is to feed your pet healthy. Whether you feed your dog dry food, canned food, or you make it yourself there may be something very important you’re overlooking. Do you give your dog scraps from the table or a rawhide to chew on every once in a while? They may seem like a small treat but can have an impact on your dog’s diet if given enough of it. You may not have thought about it but anything you feed tour dog becomes a part of his diet. But how big of a role to treats play in your dog’s diet. Do you give your dog a treat once a day or a bunch throughout the day?

The type of treats you feed your dog also affects his diet. Do you feed your dog whatever you eat? What’s good for you may not be so good for your dog. Raisins for example, they are a healthy snack for people to eat throughout the day, but could harm your canine companion. Rawhides can be both good and bad; it depends on your opinion. Some feel that they are not a good treat to give to your dog, but others feel it’s a great treat and helps keep your dogs teeth clean and keep him busy. But his best thing to do would be to go to your vet and see what he thinks. If you decide to give your dog rawhides try not to give them to your dog a lot. They can cause thin stools and contain many empty calories.

Dogs see treats as special snack and usually don’t care what it is. It can be a carrot piece of meat, or a milk bone, they are just happy to get it. If you feed your dog a lot of treats, you may want to modify his diet to keep a healthy weight. Giving your dog a bunch of treats is fun but may not be the best choice health wise. Think about giving your dog less treats, or even break one milk bone into several pieces and give it to them one at a time. Giving your dog little pieces of apples, carrots, and ice cubes are a great treat choice. Treats like these will make little difference in your dog’s diet, and makes monitoring your dog’s diet easier. This way you can focus on what your dog is getting at mealtime. Ensuring your dog is eating healthy will help keep him healthy for years to come.

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