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First Aid For Dogs With Respiratory Problems

One of the most dangerous things that could happen is when someone stops breathing. The truth to this is undisputable and even rather obvious for anyone reading it, but interestingly this is something that dog owners rarely think about in relation to their dog. What would you do if your dog stopped breathing? Or, even began choking? No, panic is not the answer I was looking for!

The most common reason for respiratory problems in dogs is some type of blockage in the airways. For instance, there is a good chance that a dog will swallow his tongue if he somehow knocks himself unconscious. Should this happen, you must clear the airway with first aid for dogs and attempt to get him breathing again.

First aid for dogs pertaining to the respiratory system is, actually, fairly similar to first aid used with humans. Listen to the heartbeat, feel for a pulse and look for any respiration signs. In fact, artificial respiration is something to consider in first aid for dogs. Applying a combination of both a heart massage and the kiss of life can be equally effective in saving a dogâýýs life as it can on a human. For respiratory problems, first aid is fairly similar.

However, you should not attempt artificial respiration when giving first aid for dogs if you suspect poison has been used. Trying to resuscitate your dog when poison has been used puts you in danger. Always take your dog to the vet after you have given first aid for respiratory difficulties. But, when poison could be involved, always take him or her to the vest before administering first aid. Go ahead and try the heart massage technique but stay away from the mouth area.

First aid for dogs has saved many dogsâýý lives and will continue to. Unfortunately, though, the odds are not great once he or she begins experiencing breathing problems. Performing artificial respiration may not save your dogâýýs life, but you must try as it has saved dogsâýý lives in the past.

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