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Foods for Dog Cancer – A Nutritional Diet Plan For Your Pet

When you hear the words, “your dog has cancer,” you are struck with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. You are fearful and anxious and possibly even feel guilty that you may have contributed to your dog’s cancer by some international act or an act of neglect.

You want to find a way to help your dog, something you can do alone without the interference of the veterinarian or invasive procedures.  One of the best things you can do is give your dog immunity-boosting cancer-fighting foods for dog cancer.

A dog that has cancer has special nutritional needs.  The cancer has attacked the primal cells within the dog’s body and you want to give it fuel for the battle. What you don’t want to do is give it unhealthy foods that actually promote cancer growth.  Below is a list of cancer-fighting foods for dog cancer that you want to serve, followed by a list of cancer promoting foods for dog cancer that you want to avoid.

The healthy group:

– Animal sources of protein

– Canned sardines

– Cottage cheese

– Eggs

– Any meat

– High fat meat like hamburger

– Animal sources of fat

– liver

Serve as much of these as your dog will tolerate.

The unhealthy group

– sugar-cancer thrives on sugar

– carrots

– beets

– squash

– turnips

– maple syrup

– molasses

– sweet potatoes

These foods are to be avoided as they will cause the cancer to grow and spread.

In addition to monitoring the specific foods your dog eats, preparation of the special diet is important, also. Cook your foods carefully to insure a palatable dinner for your dog. If your dog has trouble swallowing, cook the foods to a softer texture. Add nutritious supplements to your dog’s food.

The most important issue here is to keep your dog’s appetite up and keep your dog eating. Do not get hurt feelings if your dog doesn’t like your cooking. This is about tempting a sick dog to eat, so do everything you can to give your dog a positive dining experience.  Make the food smell good and look good.  Dogs love garlic so add fresh garlic to the food mix.

Eliminating grains from your dog’s diet will help your dog’s immune system and suppress the cancer’s growth.  Also restrict milk as it is a high sugar food. Your dog will need calcium, so supplement your dog’s diet with Tums. Anti-oxidants will help boost your dog’s ability to fight the cancer cells. Adapting your dog’s diet by adding the healthy foods for dog cancer and avoiding the unhealthy ingredients will help your dog with their fight against cancer.

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