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GMO What You Don’t Know May Kill You

I have a question for all of you who say things like, “I would rather die than give up my steak and fried chicken”, and you, who eat by taste buds alone, eating lots of donuts or 12 cups of coffee a day.

Would you drink antifreeze if they made it taste like cappuccino?

Would you eat caca out of the toilet if it was made the consistency and taste of ice cream or french fries? Really?

What is up with those of you who live for taste regardless of the consequences?

There are too many foods that I am just positive you have not tried yet. You have probably never even heard of mame, tigernut, mashua, skirret, or even arracacha. These are just a few root vegetables that are, and have been, eaten for centuries. There are so many more foods to learn about and try that we could probably go for years without eating any fast foods or donuts ever again.

A New Problem That Must Be Stopped

While it is bad enough for your health to only eat for your taste buds and end up overweight or even to the point of being fat or obese, it is an even bigger and more urgent threat to the health of the world to eat food that has been genetically modified.

GMO means genetically modified organism, and it is altered by man in the laboratory, by adding part of another species, unlike it could ever be altered by nature.

It is true that up to 75% of all the processed food at the grocery is now GMO food. And 45% of our corn and soy in the store is GMO.

When I was in University to be educated in molecular biology, one of the laws then, was that it was illegal to put the DNA of two different species together. Yes, I said Illegal. We used to make a joke about putting the DNA of your mother-in-law in the same test tube with a carrot when we discussed this.

The reason this was funny is because it would never be done, being against the law. I am trying to emphasize this fact because I was in school for this in the ’90’s and the Flavr Savr Tomato came out in 1992. So exactly how did they go about this?

And you will be amazed when I tell you just some of what is going on today.


These days AquaBounty Technologies is modifying Atlantic salmon with a gene from ocean pout, to make the growth hormone they added from a Chinook Salmon so it will be made every year in the salmon. This makes it grow faster. Does this sound safe to give to your children?


In 2002, the National Laboratory of Protein Engineering and Plant Genetic Engineering, College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, has taken the gene that makes the poison in a scorpion and inserted it into cabbage DNA so that caterpillars will die when they bite into the leaves of the cabbage. They say that they changed this poison so that it is not poisonous to humans. Are you going to take the risk that it will do nothing to you? Whether it kills you or not, is not the only problem here.


You are not going to believe this one!

At the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, they genetically modified a Yorkshire pig called the “Enviropig” which is more commonly referred to as “Frankenswine”. They took a pig embryo and added mouse DNA and E.coli to it so that the pig’s manure is more environmentally friendly. Now when the manure enters the water table it does not kill as much marine life. What is the point here other than money?

Yes they apparently did all of this for the world’s largest dead zone in the Baltic Sea where underwater life is dead or dying due to an algae that is sucking the oxygen out of the water there. This is happening because of many farming techniques. Pigs lack the enzyme to digest phosphorous in the plants they eat, and it is therefore poisoning their manure which helps deaden the Baltic Sea.

Seems to me it would be easier, even genetically, to change the plants they eat, than the pigs themselves, especially when humans eat pig meat.

When will this expensive genetic research be paid off, to even let them save any money with this? I guess I will not be eating pork anymore. E. coli and mouse DNA does not sound appetizing to me.

But then if you have never heard of this, you don’t know about it. And if you do not know about it you can eat the pork anyway and see what happens to you, the pork eaters, as the experimental lab rats, in a few years.


I guess I will not be eating any bananas that are not organic anymore. An article in Biotechnology Progress states they are using bananas as well as potatoes, lettuce, carrots and tobacco, to be the perfect delivery vehicle for a vaccine. Once it is genetically altered, the cells of the fruit produce the virus proteins so that you get the antibodies when you eat the fruit, but the infectious part of the virus is not in the fruit so it cannot be transmitted to the person eating the fruit.


In 2007 South Korea’s Ministry of Science has created a glow in the dark cat species. Apparently they did this so they could find out if it would work. Now that they know it works, they can use the same technique to use the cats for experiments with human genetic diseases so they can do research on the diseases. These poor cats.

Why? Why? Why?

What is the point?

Where does it end?


Trees have now been genetically altered to be designer trees. Colorado State university received half a million dollars from the Pentagon to make pine trees change color if they are exposed to chemical or biological attack. I can see this kind of change as better than changes in our food supply. But they still have no idea what things like this will do to the nature surrounding this, or any species dependent on what they are altering.

I do not want to be around this when Mother Nature gets mad at them

This is only a small sample of the scientific research going on all over the world. And since it was going on all the time it was supposed to be illegal, when I was in school, who knows what they are doing now on a daily basis, whoever they are.

How to Find Non GMO Foods

The easiest and fastest way to find out something these days is on the internet. You can look up lists of nonGMO foods.

The real problem is this. How do the companies buying ingredients from other companies find out if what they are buying is really nonGMO?

The only way they will know is to test. And many of the products that are genetically modified test as nonGMO, since there is no GMO presence in the final product.

This is a major problem at this stage of the game.

What Is This Doing To Us As Humans?

Do we even know yet?

Or is anyone doing any research on what all this genetic altering can or will do to the physiology of human kind?

I do not think we have any idea yet.

I do know that foods grown with this technology have been in our groceries since 1996.

You didn’t know that did you?

What to Expect If You Eat GMO Food

1. Your liver and kidneys have toxins in them that they do not know how to get rid of.

2. Your cell formation is obstructed in your liver and blood cells.

3. Pregnancy problems.

4. DNA alterations.

5. Damage to your organs that your body does not know how to fix.

6. Respiratory problems.

7. Problems with your skin.

8. Problems with your internal organs.

9. Intestinal problems.

10. Sterility.

And this is just some of the health problems we have noticed enough to get reports about.

Some of the experiments so far done with GMO foods, have shown to have really bad side effects. With mice they have noticed kidney shrinkage, malignant tumors, memory problems and learning problems just to name a few.

The first thing that happens physiologically when you eat genetically modified food is inflammation. We have all been apprised of how bad inflammation is for us by now, right? Inflammation is the major contributor to many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, allergies and the big one, autoimmune diseases.

This One Takes the Cake

I have even read that these large companies making these genetically modified foods, refuse to test them to see what the health risks are, because they have invested so much money in them that they just do not want to know.

I know you did not want to know that because neither did I.

What You Do Want to Know

Some people have made it a point to not eat any more GMO foods and guess what?

They say that the diseases they did have, went away.

This is worth talking about.

Here are a few of the health problems, which have been reported, that went away just by stopping the ingestion of genetically modified foods.

First of all the symptoms I have read about, so far, include: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), hair thinning, joint pain, daily indigestion, cold hands and feet, weight gain, congestion, asthma, allergies, migraines, restless leg syndrome, gas, bloating, anxiety, leaky gut, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, neurological problems, inflammation, infertility, and even a significant change for the better in the autistic symptoms of children who are autistic.

Secondly, the reports from farmers about their livestock’s improvement of health coincide with what the doctors have seen in humans, when they stop feeding their livestock GMO feed, the livestock becomes healthier.

We are all we have in the fight against genetically modified food. GMO food is bad for our health in so many ways.

If we really want to make genetically altered foods go away, then we must stop buying them.

We need to know what is not genetically modified food and buy that. We know organic food is nonGMO.

When the money stops coming in, it will show them what is going on, and they will sit up and take notice, but not until.

Start with organic food. We must be vigilant and eat only organic food.

You know what they say these days? “You think organic food is expensive? You should see the price of cancer these days!” Don’t forget, organic food kills cancer.

Organic food is the only food we have right now that we know for a fact is not GMO food.

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