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Halloween is for Pets and Pet Owners Alike

Pets are very special to people in many different ways. Some people think of their pets as their own children while others have more than a best friend in them. Today it has become more and more popular to throw parties for your pets and invite friends and family who also have pets along for the party. While some people will throw parties for animals such as dogs and only allow dogs to attend the party, most people prefer to have a party that includes both dogs and people. This is very easy and can be a fun and entertaining way to spend an evening. Having a Halloween party for dogs is even more fun. With stores carrying many different costume ideas for dogs now it can be very easy to have costumes for you little furry friend and invite other people and their dogs along for a great party. There are a few things that you can do to make this party fun, entertaining, and a hit with pet and pet owner alike.

The first thing that you want to think about is what kind of decorations to buy or make. Of course since the party has a Halloween theme you want to add Halloween elements to the décor and make things black, orange, and green or purple. You can easily hang streamers around the house, or if it is still warm enough and you have a nice deck or backyard add orange Christmas lights to the trees and bushes for a great addition to the party décor. You also want to add the pet theme into the décor which can easily be done with pet banners, stickers, and tablecloths. This will tie the Halloween party into a Halloween party for dogs easily and inexpensively.

The next element that you have to think about with any part for people or a party for dogs is the food that will be served. This is something that you may think to be a little more difficult if you are having a co species party with both people and dogs, however there are a few things that you can do for people, for dogs, and some that are appropriate for both. The first thing to think about is having a “trick-or-treat” bowl for the dogs and adding milk bones and other treats to it. You can then also use some dog food for treats for the dogs and have little bread sandwiches that have wet dog food in them for the dogs and make some old fashioned ham and cheese sandwiches for the dog owners, just make sure you keep them separate! A great idea for things that are good for both dogs and owners are to make little treats like shaved meat roles, cheese bites, shaved steak, chicken fingers, and things of that nature that are good for both people and dogs.

Another thing to consider when you are planning any part is treat bags. This is very easy by making regular treat bags for the owners and treat bags for the dogs that include bones, pig ears, small cans of dog food, and a dog toy. This will make the pet owner happy that you thought about the dogs in this way as well as the dog happy to find their special treats. You can also take it a step further and throw random toys and treats in the yard or around the house and make it a fun game to see how many the dogs will find, maybe even incorporating a prize for the dog who finds the most.

Parties for dogs don’t have to be just for dogs, it’s a great way for pet owners to come together and share their love for their pets and mingle with one another. It’s a great way for pets to meet new friends, and to have fun in general and add a new spice and tradition to Halloween.

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