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Havanese Health Problems: How You Can Prevent Them

The Havanese is a rare and fine animal. Havanese health problems can be kept to a minimum by utilizing the utmost in preventative care, namely regular cleaning of eyes, ears and teeth and regular visits to a veterinarian. Keeping your Havanese from ingesting foods that are harmless to humans but poisonous to dogs (e.g., chocolate) is another everyday preventative measure. Hereditary Havanese health problems can, in some cases, be prevented before an animal is born. Havanese are prone to vision, hearing, knee and hip problems. Breeders are starting to test their Havanese for these problems and then not breeding the afflicted animals. Additionally, national registries maintain databases on these hereditary problems. Prevention may not always be enough to ward away Havanese health problems. Sometimes you may need to find emergency care for your Havanese. If you have an established relationship with a veterinarian, this will help. He or she will probably have previously given you instructions about how to contact his or her office in an emergency.

You either have welcomed or will shortly welcome your new Havanese puppy into your home. She will adore you completely. You will be a hero simply for coming home from work. More importantly, your new Havanese puppy will trust you completely. Her wellbeing is entirely in your hands. In addition to providing her with food, water and attention, you know you want to do whatever it takes to keep her happy and healthy. Some health promotion measures are things you would want to do for any puppy. Other health promotion measures come with the extra fur on the Havanese.

You will want very much to learn about common puppy health problems in general and common Havanese health problems in particular. You should also know about arranging regular veterinary care for your Havanese puppy as well as how to arrange emergency care for your Havanese. Havanese care is a new adventure in your life.

Some health problems are common to any breed of dog. You should keep your Havanese’s eyes and ears clean to prevent infection or infestation with ear mites. Also, many puppies develop internal parasites, such as worms. Regularly check your pet’s coat for ticks and fleas. Even indoor animals can get them. Your veterinarian can provide treatments for worms and can provide you with the best treatments for fleas.

Some Havanese health problems are genetic. Problems such as knee and hip dysplasia (dislocation), early onset cataracts, retinal atrophy and genetic deafness tend to run in the Havanese breed. These problems are not fatal, but might affect the quality of life for your Havanese. For instance, eye problems can lead to blindness. You will want to make sure that your breeder has tested the sire (father) and dam (mother) of the puppy you wish to purchase. Breeders should remove animals with eye or joint problems from their breeding stock.

Prevention is worth many ounces of cure when it comes to Havanese health problems. You can prevent ear parasites by cleaning your Havanese’s ears once a week. (Ear mites are a particular problem for all floppy eared dog breeds—the Havanese included). You can prevent eye infections by cleaning your Havanese’s eyes once a week. Be sure that your Havanese does not ingest common foods that you enjoy but that are poisonous to all dogs. These foods include chocolate, caffeine, grapes and raisins, tomatoes, onions, garlic, chives, nutmeg, and walnuts.

Some pet owners forget to take their pet for regular veterinary checkups. Don’t do this to your new Havanese. Additionally, be sure to keep your veterinarians contact information handy in case you need emergency care for your Havanese. You can also take your Havanese to the nearest emergency pet clinic. Additionally, many pet supply super stores have an on site veterinarian

Fiona Kelly is a lifelong animal lover with a special interest in hereditary health problems facing purebred dogs. Health care is a vital component of Havanese care. The health problems that might trouble a Havanese are discussed in this article. Obtaining emergency care for your Havanese is also covered.

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