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House Training a Boxer Puppy the Right Way

House training a boxer puppy is easy to do once you know the right methods to follow. Boxers are very obedient despite their aggressive appearance and really want to please you. They do need help however, which is where you come in. The best way to start house training a boxer puppy is to start when they are really young, about 8 weeks old is the best. If you start house training early in the dog’s life, they are less likely to pick up bad habits that could take weeks to get rid of and you don’t want that.

Patience is key when house training so if your puppy doesn’t do something right the first time, keep trying and don’t give up. This may be easier said than done but is very important. Setting up a schedule is also important to do and is something you should do. Start by writing down all the times you will take your puppy out to the bathroom and stick to it. This will help establish a routine for both you and your dog, and you will have fewer accidents in your house.

If you are unsure about house training, you are not alone. Many people are confused by house training and would rather have someone else do it for them. The problem with this is that besides costing an arm and a paw, these training courses are too long and your puppy has a very short attention span and may not learn everything correctly the first couple of times. The reason you should do it yourself is because you will get to bond with your new puppy and he will learn in your house, where he will live. It may take some time and persistence on your part but you can do it yourself, and when your pup is completely house trained, you can train your dog to do other things because you will know how and have the respect from your canine friend.

House training a boxer puppy is something you should do with using a positve and fun method. If you would like to learn more about house training your boxer, I encorage you to go to puppy-house-training and try the training course with your puppy. I have trained a lot of puppies using this course and I think it will help you. Good luck!

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