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How Skip Skeffields Injury could Potentially Impact his WWE Career

Skip Sheffield is a professional wrestler currently employed by the World Wrestling Entertainment promotion that arguably has all the skill and prowess to prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Sheffield possesses an incredibly menacing and vintage ‘big man’ image reminiscent of such iconic names as Bill Goldberg and Dave Batista as well as a very impressive in-ring wrestling style. As it stands, Sheffield has the potential to be a big deal in the world of professional wrestling and could easily see a main event run in the WWE in the near future. However, his WWE career is currently in question after he suffered a leg break at a house show while on a WWE tour with his Nexus companions.

The Nexus has proved to be the biggest angle that the WWE has promoted in several years. It has seen the arrival of countless rookies and new-comers from their NXT television show in which the winner would receive a WWE contract. However, following the end of season 1 of NXT, the entire NXT roster aligned themselves together and formed a massive unit known as the Nexus which consisted of such names as Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield himself. Sheffield however completely dropped his popular fan favourite cowboy persona in favour of a more menacing and destructive monster image.

This image was one that would have carried Sheffield throughout the entirety of the Nexus invasion angle on WWE Raw and one that when combined with his lethal lariat finishing manoeuvre reminiscent of such names as Stan Hansen and John Bradshaw Layfield, could have quite easily carried him through the championship ranks in the WWE. As a member of Nexus, Sheffield could have joined the tag-ranks with the surviving members of Nexus, or he could have even embarked on a singles run and challenged for such titles as the United States or the Intercontinental championship.

Needless to say, Skip Sheffield is a man that has everything in his power to be a force to be reckoned with in the WWE. It is a true shame that such an injury would be inflicted on him at the point where his career was set to blossom and flourish into something special. However, Sheffield is a truly amazing athlete with a perfect wrestling image and a vintage wrestling style and for these reasons, when he is medically cleared to wrestle, he could quite easily resume his WWE career and make a huge impact following. He is a man that truly stands out in The Nexus faction as a man with a bright future full of gold and glory; could WWE fans witness the rise to superstardom of Skip Sheffield following his return from injury in 201 and beyond?

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