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How To Find The Best Dog Food For Your Pet

Are you a dog lover? Do you want to ensure that your dog will be healthy? Healthy dogs have healthy skin and coat, strong well-developed bones, clear bright eyes and firmer stools. If you want this for your dog, then you have to find the best dog food for your pet.

How to find the best dog food that will make sure that your puppy or your adult dog will benefit from being healthy and strong? This guide will help you find the best dog food if you can adhere to the advice of many dog lovers that shared their experience in this article.

Here are the types of dog food, by understanding the types of dog food, you may be able to try them and find the best dog food that fits your dog’s needs.

Commercial Dog Food

While commercial dog foods advertise themselves as best food for your dog, some of them at proven to be of low quality and can be quite dangerous to dogs. As a proof of this, there are dog food recalls done in the years 2007 and 2008.

In choosing the dog food for your pet, you have to look at the label. Ensure that you are not buying dog food that is mostly made of grains and fillers. You have to be sure that the commercial dog food you are purchasing is of good quality and manufactured by reputable dog food makers.

In this case, your veterinarian may have some tips in finding the best dog food in the commercial dog food category. On the other hand, it may help to combine your commercial dog food with other types of dog food to be sure that you are providing your dog well-balanced diet.

Raw Dog Food

This dog food group is gaining popularity as of this time. Raw dog food is believed to be the most natural dog food.  In the olden days, this is how dogs thrive in the woods. Thus, this is the best way they get the nutrition they need and will therefore develop a strong and lean body.

Raw dog food is therefore recommended. However, it is necessary that you use fresh raw dog food to ensure that your dog will not suffer from eating rotten food.

Eating raw meaty bones is likewise good for your dog. However, never give your dog cooked bones. Cooked bones become brittle and thus may splinter and could hurt the dog as well.

Homemade dog food

Homemade dog food is the third type of dog food that may benefit your dog. There are recipes that will help your dog enjoy his food that will make him healthy as well.

Cooking the food you give to you dog will enable you to ensure what kind of food enters his tummy. You will therefore be able ensure that your dog will not suffer from dog food fillers that do him any good.

There are dog food recipes you can choose from. Try them and look at how you dog accept those recipes.

The best dog food combination will be to give him mostly homemade dog food, with occasional raw dog food tossed on him. If you can afford, feed him occasional commercial dog food just for variety. You however need to be sure that you read the label before you give him commercial dog food

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