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How to Get Your Dog to Eat Dog Food


We have a Havanese 2 year old dog and it is difficult to get her to eat her breakfast and dinner.  Our other dog, a large Bichon-Poo eats anything put in front of her. Go figure.

So here are some tips to get your pooch to eat dog food..

If your dog won’t eat dry dog food no matter what, there are a few tricks to try that might entice him to eat. After that your dog will eat whatever you offer. There are a variety of reasons why a dog might become finicky and there are just as many ways to get him to eat. Here is a easy and inexpensive way to get your dog to eat it’s dry food. Sometimes a dog will take food from your hand even if he won’t eat from his bowl.  We recently tried putting a 1/4 teaspoon of hot oatmeal as well as some grated parmesean cheese and it worked like a charm.  We also use bacon spray sometimes.

If hungry, your dog will eat. Your dog should now eat the majority of the dry dog food because the chicken broth will seep down between the pieces of dry dog food. Try any foods that your dog might want to eat. For example, I placed a quarter teaspoon of hot oatmeal and some grated parmesean cheese and it worked like a charm.

If your dog won’t eat the food, try again later that day. . Sometimes owners mistake picky eating for not eating.

Some doges will eat better when their food dish is placed in a new location. Exercise – It’s good for so many things and it increases a dog’s hunger.

Salami, onions, mushrooms – all bad.

Pretty soon your dog will learn that he needs to eat when the food is offered.



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