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How To Stop A Barking Dog

Many dog owners prefer their dogs to be quiet. To them, a quiet dog is a good dog. But, expecting your dog to be quiet at all times is like expecting someone to stop talking. To stop a barking dog, we need to look into the reasons that are causing the problem.

If your dog starts barking and you don’t satisfy his needs, he will get frustrated, and barking is the only way he can communicate with you. You need to be able to understand your dog and be able to figure out what he wants. He may be hungry, bored, or ready to play.

Knowing Your Dog

Dogs have a body language and, if you can learn to read it, you will be able to stop a barking dog. All dogs have needs that only you can satisfy. By knowing your dog well, you can eliminate most of the barking. You will be able to anticipate when he is ready for his food, a walk, or attention and affection.

Take Charge

When you have dog problems, your dog needs to know who is boss before he becomes obedient. Dogs need a leader to feel comfortable and happy. To stop a barking dog, you need to take charge. Your leadership will be respected and your dog will become better behaved.

Don’t Be Manipulated

Even though we have to accept a certain amount of barking, avoid being manipulated by your dog. Your dog will think he is in charge, if you always acknowledge this behavior. He has to learn that you can’t be influenced by this.

Ignore the barking

The best way to stop a barking dog is to pay no attention to him. As soon as he starts barking, turn your back on him, keeping your eyes averted away from him, but most of all, ignore him. By using your body language, he will learn that if he uses undesirable ways of communicating, he isn’t worthy of your attention.

Walking Your Dog

Does your dog get enough exercise? This could be one reason why he may bark unnecessarily. He probably needs to get rid of built-up energy. You may need to organize your time so you can give your dog more exercise by taking him for longer walks.

Don’t Give Up

When you ignore your dog, his barking may intensify, especially if this habit has been working for him in the past. He has to realize that it doesn’t work anymore. This may take some time, but don’t give in to him part way through your training. This will make your dog problems worse. Obedience training can be very effective but it needs persistence.

By being patient and consistent with your commands, your dog’s bad behavior will soon be a thing of the past. Find out as much information about dog training as possible, so that you will have a well-behaved and happy dog.

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