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How To Stop My Dog From Digging?

At one point in a dog owner life they will have a question on their mind, and that is how to stop my dog from digging? Every dog owner suffers from this to some degree, and that is because dogs like to dig. It hard wire into their brain. However if your a dog owner and want your lawn keep nice and tidy without all the holes in it then you need to discover why your dog is digging.

So Why Do Dogs Dig Holes?

There are a lot of reasons why your dog is digging holes in your yard.

The first one is:


Dogs are very social creatures and if you leave them alone in the yard for a while then you are going to except holes. If he has no toys to play with and there no one around digging holes keeps him busy and release a lot of energy.

So What to do about it?

A tired dog is a good dog, so you will want to get rid of his energy. Play ball with him get him running around the yard take him for a walk, anything that will tire him out and he wont have the energy to dig.


If your dog is digging in areas that are not around the fence then you might have burrowing animals or insects.

What to do about it?

First check for any signs, then use safe way to keep them out or get rid of them, because remember the yard is where your dog lives so any toxic chemicals should be avoided for your dogs health.


If your dog is lying in the holes he is digging then it is most likely for protection. You see dog dig to protect themselves form the wind and rain. The dirt also provide heat relive. He could also be digging for water.

What to do about it?

If your dog is going to be outdoors all the time get them everything they need. So that is a big bowl of fresh water, and a dog house for protection, or it is best to leave him indoors if there is extreme weather.

The great escape

If your dog is digging around the fence then it is most like he is attempting to escape. There are a few reasons why, he could have heard something on the other side, he might want to go somewhere like the park or field. He could be scared of something inside the yard.

Whatever the reason the idea of digging under the fence is to get out of the yard

What to do about it?

First make sure the yard has nothing that your dog is afraid of and he has everything he needs. If however he is digging because he heard something then it might be a good idea to dog proof your fence. Things like burying chicken wire along the fence making sure that no sharpe edges are facing inwards, or burg big stones along the fence. Anything that will dig for longer. It will put him off as it is hard to do.

It is not an simple task to stop dogs digging but there is a lot of information out there about how to stop my dog form digging holes all you need to do is research it. You might want to set up an area where he can dig and let him dig there all day long so that he can get it out of his system, its like I said its hard wired into his brain.

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