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Important Steps In Training Your Dog Effectively

For a beginner, dog training can sometimes be intimidating. You can become overwhelmed because there is so much information out there. Here are some tips to get you started.

When you are working on crate training with your new dog or puppy, always take steps to let them know it’s their home. You should put their food in the cage and leave the door open if it is time for them to eat. This will help them associate good food to the crate.

When you are approaching an unfamiliar dog, be sure to approach slowly and offer the dog the back of your hand to sniff. This lets them warm up to the scent and they’ll most likely trust you. Once a dog is used to your scent, it will trust you and obey your orders.

Stay consistent when it comes to feeding your dog. A predictable feeding schedule and removing the food promptly will teach them to eat their food quickly. Remove the bowl when he is done eating.

Consistency is very important when you are crate training your puppy. Give the puppy consistent opportunities to relieve himself every time you let him out. As he gets older, he will gain greater control of his bodily functions, making it easier to control himself.

It’s to be expected that your new puppy will likely have an accident now and then. Clean accidents right away to speed up training. The smell from a pet’s feces or urine can stay in the carpet. The puppy may return to that spot if it isn’t cleaned quickly. Check any local stores or pet shops for products that are specifically designed to remove the urine smell from a carpet.

Remember to enjoy the time spent with your dog during training. If you do so, your dog will feel closer to you, and even respond to training better. While training can be considered fun, be prepared to spend some time just playing as well.

If you want to train a new puppy to walk on a leash, the first step is to put a collar on the young puppy while you are playing with him. Leashes are important for control and identification if you lose your pet.

Always be ready with dog treats. You want to be able to reward your dog when he does what you want him to do. You need to do this because your dog must know what they can and cannot do.

Use praise to re-enforce good behavior in your dog when training. Smile and get excited and make your dog know that he is doing something you like. Do not reward unwanted behavior. This will cause your dog to think that he is doing something good.

In the majority of instances, dog bites are caused by a biting phobia. When your dog feels afraid or trapped, it will bite. Never use physical punishment as a way to discipline your dog. This may have serious negative consequences, such as your dog biting you. Your dog will be ready and willing to regard you as the dominant one.

Taking time to train your dog may will allow you to have fun and relax with your pet. Maybe your dog is currently a real handful, but a little training will go a long way. Try to keep these things on your mind when you are going to be training your dog.

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