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Learn How To Prepare Your New Household Pet With Great Dane Training

Great Danes are fantastic, noble dogs; and training is necessary for any household that is getting one. Having your Great Dane trained properly is crucial, particularly when you have little children to consider. Great Danes are not vicious animals, but they are very large and tend to forget their size. Having a Great Dane move through your house can be like setting a horse loose in your kitchen and if a Great Dane jumps on you, you are guaranteed to be knocked over. When a Great Dane leaps onto a small child, they could unintentionally harm them or worse. These are just a couple examples of why Great Dane training is important for a Dane. The training is not easy but it is absolutely necessary to keep everyone in your home happy and healthy.

No Jumping – Period

Great Danes happen to be very agreeable towards people, and they are always wanting to leap up on you to say hello. When the Dane is a puppy this is obviously not a problem, but a full grown Dane who thinks it is still the size of a puppy can be a major problem. You will need to ready your Great Dane by training them to remain in one spot in the beginning of your Great Dane training sessions. You start this by making sure the dog is rewarded when it stops itself from immediately jumping up on you, especially when you first walk in through a door. If your Dane sits and stays on your command, that is the perfect moment to hand him a treat. The key is to be consistent and make sure your dog is understanding what you want it to do during Great Dane training lessons, and you’ll find it’s easy to teach it to stay down and not jump on you or others.

Housebreaking Your Dog

You also want to be sure that your Great Dane training includes teaching your Dane where to attend to his business. If you truly want to have the perfect indoor dog, you must train him to use the yard outside for his bathroom. The key to house training is knowing the warning signs that your dog has to go out. When your Dane begins to sniff about or seems to take up a squatting position, that is the right time for you to take him outside. As soon as he has finished going to the bathroom, then you can reward him with immense praise or a treat. Consistency is the key, as well as timing. You want your dog to associate the praise with the activity.

It should not be too hard to train your Great Dane, and to reiterate, training needs to be done when he is a small puppy that is not so hard to manage. As the dog gets older, and it starts to look as if you have a horse in your house, Great Dane training might not be quite as quick and easy to accomplish.

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