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Life from a Dogs Perspective

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My full name is Woodjabe-myBugsy. That’s what it says on my pedigree. But everyone calls me Bugsy. Except when they use on of my nicknames, like Bugaboo, or Buddylou, or my favorite, my little man. That’s what mom calls me. She loves me and I love her too.

I was born in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Really, there’s a town called Blue Earth. I don’t remember much about my hometown. I stayed pretty much with my dog mommy. Her name was Belle. I had a brother and sisters but I don’t remember how many.

On May 5th. 1998, Mary Wood, who was my breeder, put my brother and me in a box in the car and we went to a place with a lot of cars and trucks. Mary said we were going to meet someone who might want to take one of us home. I was cautiously optimistic. It’s best not to get your hopes up.

There were two people. A man and a lady but it was the lady who was looking at us. When we made eye contact, I knew that this was the person I was meant to be with. She knew too.

I was pretty sleepy by then so I curled up in the nice lady’s lap and slept all the way home. It was nice. She kept stroking me and telling me what a sweet little puppy I was and how much she loved me.

When we got to their house, I met their dog Bandit. He was an old golden retriever and looked confused when he saw me. Mom, she said to call her mom, took me outside and Bandit went too. I stood there in the grass feeling a tiny bit scared. Bandit noticed I was unsure of what to do next so he showed me. I peed and mom clapped and told me what a good puppy I was. She also thanked Bandit for showing me what to do.

I heard her tell the man that Bandit was confused because I looked like Bo when he was a puppy. I think Bo was another dog they had. Bandit was his nanny, whatever that is. He was nice to me. He showed me where things were and that the people were really nice.

He was from New York he said. I didn’t know where that was. He didn’t either but he said he flew on an airplane to get to where we lived. He’d also spent some time in California. He assured me that he went to these places because the man had to and all the other people and dogs and cats went with him.

Speaking of cats, there was a very old cat named Squit. I told him that was an odd name and he said his real name was Midnight and he really didn’t know why they called him Squit.

I was very happy in my new home. I had my own little house to sleep in next to mom’s side of the bed. I liked to listen to her breath as she slept. It helped me sleep. I loved mornings. Mom would open the door of my house and pick me up. She’d look in my house and tell me I was a good little puppy. Then we’d go out in the yard with Bandit.

Mom loved to hold me and cuddle me. She was always telling me I was a good puppy and she loved me. But, she was having trouble thinking of a name for me.

I thought Good Puppy was okay but I guess she wanted something different. Bandit told me that when he joined the family, they had a Bassett hound named Basil and then later they got a little white puppy kind of like me and his name was Bo. So mom was trying to decide if she should come up with a name that started with B or not.

She tried out some names like Bixby but they weren’t right. She tried some names without a B first but that wasn’t right either. Then two people came home from college. One was a guy named Tim and the other was a pretty girl named Nora. Nora looked like mom. She picked me up and snuggled with me like mom did.

They were talking and I was playing with their shoelaces when Tim said the name “Bugsy” and they all looked down at me and said, “That’s who you are. You’re Bugsy!” I made some happy yips so they’d know I agreed.

Mom and I were best friends. She taught me everything I needed to know to be a good dog. She even took me to puppy school. I didn’t like the teacher and I don’t think mom did either.

Mom and I did a lot of traveling by car. She called them road trips. I sat next to her wearing a special harness that attached to the car seatbelt so I was safe. Mom would listen to books and reach over to pat me. She talks to me a lot. She knows that I understand what she is saying.

We stayed in motels sometimes. That was fun as long as I was with mom. She brought my house with us but let me sleep on the bed with her. That was the best.

We visited Grammy and Papa. They were mom’s mom and dad. Grammy said I was the only dog she ever liked. Mom told me it was true. Papa loved dogs already but he thought I was pretty special. They were old so I had to be careful not to trip them or get in their way. That was okay with me because they loved me and they loved mom.

Other times we went to see Nora. She was older now and was married and had a baby. I guess I met Elly when she was brand new but I was a puppy so I don’t remember it. I do remember meeting her when mom and I went to visit. Elly was a human but she crawled on the floor kind of like a dog.

We had fun together. She liked my toys and I liked hers. Mom said it was okay but Nora said no and her husband said NO! He wasn’t a dog lover.

Elly and I played hide and seek in her room. She had a table that had a cloth on it all the way to the floor. Usually whoever was hiding went in there. Elly was always a good source of little tidbits of food. We shared food as long as Nora and the guy weren’t there.

Elly was walking the next time I saw her. She was almost one and I had just turned one. I walked a lot quicker than she did. But, I have four legs maybe that makes it easier.

Let’s see, what else can I tell you. Mom and I moved to be closer to Grammy and Papa. Papa had an illness that made him forget things. Then mom and the man and I moved to Vermont. I have a big yard with lots of trees and squirrels. I’m gonna get one of those pesky squirrels. One of these days I’m going to catch one not looking and bam! he’s mine.

I forgot to tell you that Bandit died before my first birthday. He was ready to go to dog heaven. He was 14. That’s old for a dog.

Mom missed Bandit and so we got a new golden retriever. This one was smaller than Bandit. She was even smaller than me. She was kind of annoying but it was nice to have someone to play with. Mom named her Emma. Kind of girly if you ask me but nobody did. She kept getting bigger and bigger and one day, she was as big as Bandit.

We spend most of our time with mom. Mom is sick. I don’t know what it is but she spends a lot of time in bed. That’s okay with Emma and me. Mom is our person to love and take care of. God gave us to mom for a reason.

I’m mainly the comforter. I snuggle next to mom and stay by her wherever she goes. I lick her face when she cries and put my body next to where she hurts. I also do a pretty funny comedy routine.

Emma is mom’s assistance dog outside. She can tell when mom’s balance is bad and she stays right near mom. Twice she pulled mom up when mom fell down. Another time she licked mom’s face when mom passed out until mom woke up.

I’m eleven now and Emma’s 7 . We still stay with mom all the time. We love her so much. But the best part is, she loves us too, a lot. She gives me belly rubs and butt rubs. She feeds us and gives us treats. She makes sure we’re healthy and have all of our shots. We don’t like shots but mom says we have to have them so we don’t get sick. We trust mom to do what’s best for us.

I’m a lucky pup. I have a warm bed, am fed regularly, have a yard to run around in and dig holes in, a friend to play with, and the best mom ever. She says she’s lucky to have us and we make her happy. That’s a happy ending for everyone.

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