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Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

People love to polarize. We love to pick and choose pet ideas and beliefs and make them unsuitable for any discussion where true discourse is valued. We scream, “be open minded” (until our brains fall out), then cry foul when those that disagree with us speak an open-minded statement.

We speak of our love for justice and equality, but find it hard to honor a man like Martin Luther King for the work he did to bring a little more of it home. But mind you, we have to be careful not to disagree with the liberal policies of the civil rights generation, even if there is evidence they continue to enslave blacks and whites alike (Think Detroit). That would not make sense. No, somehow we have to swallow the whole camel and receive our label.

I am happy to have my beer, enjoy a good cigar now and then, while understanding drunkenness and enslavement to any of God’s blessings is unwise. We can enjoy sex without taking advantage of our neighbor or becoming obsessed. I don’t have to eat every thing I see. But I can eat whatever is provided to me because of God’s sanctifying power. Through it all, there is a still small voice that says, “Listen”, “Hear wisdom”.

It’s too bad our wealth of wisdom has bankrupted us. It’s also another reason why the world loves Jesus-at first. We love the people he hung around with for a while, then, we start wearing suits and ties and starchy stuff and they become ugly for some reason. We love his railings against the establishment and hypocritical religious leadership until we become one ourselves. We love his humility when our ministries are obscure, then, our leadership skills or worship abilities or adherence to a creed endear us to the praise of men.

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Randy Koch was born in Wyandotte, Michigan in 1961, graduated Chelsea High School in 1979 and shortly thereafter joined the United States Air Force. He then pursued his mechanical engineering degree at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. …

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