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Love between Dogs and Humans Relationship between Dog and Man

My wife and I have always have had dogs as part of our family pack. We have been blessed with having the most beautiful and handsome dogs anywhere. I am sure that all dog owners feel that way about their best friends.

Our current pal’s are two 11 month old King Charles Cavalier puppies. The male is named KC for King Charles, and the female is named Queenie. Of course our two best friends have taken over our lives in many aspects.

Each dog has their own little personalities. The male dog KC is a daddy’s and mommies boy.He is a real house dog. We have a large fenced in back yard for the two dogs to roam in. KC loves to be with us 24/7 hours a day. He will run to our side when we are outside and after he does his business he runs to the door to go back in his home. However, KC does have a little game he likes to play.

KC’s game is called chase the bunnies. We have a few baby bunnies who will assist us with our cutting the grass and trimming the bushes. They like to eat both the grass and especially love to eat my strawberry plants. The bunnies are bold and will continue eating while I am out side with the two dogs. Once KC spots a bunny chase is on. The bunny will taunt KC by zing and zang their way out of the yard. Of course KC never catches the bunny, but KC likes to annoy the little critter.

Queenie on the other hand has to go out side on a leash. She is still a work in progress for her training issues. Queenie thinks that anything in the yard is an object to be inserted into her mouth and swallowed. She will try to jolt from the leach if she sees the bunny. This activity will only be a momentary distraction from her sniffing and eating everything in the yard.

KC and Queenie are brother and sister from the same litter of puppies. KC is more the yin while Queenie is the yang. KC fur color is more white than brown while Queenie is more brown color than with white spots. However, they both have clean silky soft fur.

Queenie has more a maternal instinct than KC. She is always cleaning KC face and body. One time KC had thrown up on the floor and Queenie had dropped her toy that she had and come racing over to KC to make sure he was ok. She then looked up at me as if to say daddy make KC feel better.

Dogs do have this uncanny ability to read their owners moods and personalities. There is no other animal that will be as loyal, loving friend to their owners and their families. Dogs have been known to save their families lives and can tell if their owner is sick.

We have been blessed to have had three other dogs since my wife and I got married in 1993. All of the prior dogs have passed away from age related issues or cancer.

Last July 19, 2008 we lost our beloved German Shepard named Ceazar, our other dog that we lost was Kristie a smart, beautiful mixed black lab dog who passed away in 2004. We will keep in our hearts and memory all the wonderful things that we did with our pals. My wife had a Doberman/black named Tara who also passed away prior to us getting Kristie.

After we had put Ceazar down last year we saw the movie Marley and me. That movie had captured the feelings of love between dogs and the owners. There were so many scenes that we could relate to in that movie. By the end of the film both myself and my wife could not stop the flow of tears from our eyes.

When it comes to our dogs my wife and I both feel that, The more people we meet the better we like our dogs. There are only two things that I can count on. One is the love from my wife and the love from our dogs.

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