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Meet Super Dog Wall-E

It’s a cold morning in Sulphur, Oklahoma. The local animal control officer pulls up to the garage and sees a litter of emaciated, sickly pups in a rusty metal cage, yelping, helpless and unwanted.

A call is placed to the local vet. Nope, these pups don’t have a chance. No owners who care. Nobody that will ever give these pups a name. No kids to fetch a ball for. No lap to sit in. No face to lick.

The call was made and the injections began. Each pup was injected with the lethal solution under the skin, and directly into the heart.

The vet stood with his stethoscope, making sure each tiny heart stopped beating. Then, they were tossed away in the dumpster. Never to be seen or heard from again.

Until the next morning.

A morning trip to the dumpster revealed a scrappy, confused little pup. Tail wagging, a look of "What’s Up?" sprawled across his little mug.

This little black and white terrier pup had, miraculously, survived the dual attempt at killing it. Did someone intervene from above?

Hundreds, no THOUSANDS of people have come forward to adopt this little guy! He will have a happy ending.

But for millions of other unwanted animals, their story will not end with a happy wag, a tender caress. They will wind up in that dumpster, not even forgotten – a never was.

We can avoid this story- simply by having our pets spayed and/or neutered.

This is a great story with a great ending, and honestly,

I would love to give that little feller a home myself! Who couldn’t love that little, furry face!

But, remember, every single day animals are put down. There are dogs and cats just like Wall-E, named by a little girl in the community of Sulphur, Oklahoma, after the fictional Disney character Wall-E, who also survived an attempt on his life, all over the country. They are ready to be loved, hugged and played with… Right Now!

Even if you can’t take a pet into your life, consider making a donation to your local shelter. The feeling you get from giving or adopting…

Well, just ask my four cats and three dogs. And, oh yeah, my bunny.


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