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Natural Organic Dog Food – I Love My Little Sparky

Natural organic dog food is the only thing my little Sparky eats. I’m so picky about my food that if I won’t eat it, then my dog can’t either. Of course I don’t particularly like the taste of even “natural organic dog food” so I do not eat it. We all have certain freedoms. I get to make choices for me, and Sparky makes choices too!

Unless Sparky wants to eat something or begs for something different to eat, then he doesn’t get less than the best dog food on the market.

He’s like a baby to me, I love his cute little perky nose, and the way he wants to be on my lap the entire time I’m awake.  He’s soft, he’s a poodle, so he’s fluffy too. My puppy loves that way I care for him.

I thought about going all organic myself.  What we ingest into our systems often either make us a) Healthy or b) Not-so-healthy. 

I see people feeding their dogs scraps from the table, and I seeing other pets getting canned or certain dried foods.  I might sound like a bit of a ditz the way I go on and on about how much I love Sparky the way I do.  I do care when I see other people eating well when their little Sparky is fed the same dried out dog food day after day.  Hey! What about your Sparky’s dessert? 

You will hear people say, “Oh my dog… is just truly… the best!” and then never truly feed him right.  It’s maddening. I’ll get over it.  That’s why I’m writing this article so I can “vent”.

Here is my method of feeding my poochy.  I feed him water, natural organic dog food and I keep his teeth clean and healthy with dog greenies.  I sometmes feed him a certain raw food. Dogs, like most creatures want what they want not what someone else wants to feed them. For this reason I let Sparky make his own choices. 

Natural organic dog food is a smart method of caring for your pet. Is it normal to love someone and then feed him the same hard, non-nutriant-filled dog food our grandparents had used for years. They run to the market to lug out the cheapest, largest bag of very bad mush for their cherished dog?  I just don’t undertand I guess.

I also have fish and I feel guilty that there are not so many options. I thought again, “Hey wait a minute. There is good fish food on the market.  All I had to do is make some quick google searches to find what I wanted.

Back to Sparky.  I know I might sound crazy and really I’m not. It’s kind of like this  You either love your pet or you don’t.  I am sure that there are a lot of dog-lovers who have never given it a thought and now feel bad. No please don’t feel bad.  Tradition is hard to break.  Information is awesome isn’t it. Now you know to purchase only the best, now sit down and plan your doggies diet like you plan your own.

My Sparky gets natural organic dog food and that’s the end of that!

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