New Purina Coupons Have Been Posted on April 10, 2016

Pet supplements. (New Products).

Pacific Foods, Tualatin, OR, has launched Healthy Essentials[TM], a line of natural food supplements for dogs and cats. Healthy Essentials Gravies for dogs are available in Home Style Country, Creamy Cheese and Savory Vegetable, and the Healthy Essentials Senior Dog Formula is available in a Roasted Chicken Flavor. Each serving of Healthy Essentials contains 25 vitamins and minerals in addition to chondroitin chondroitin (kcats and kittens Cats and Kittens is a monthly magazine dedicated to cats, owners of cats, and breeders of cats. Its main rival is Cat Fancy. External links

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 are available in Original Creamy and White Cheddar flavors and contain flaxseed oils and inulin inulin /in·u·lin/ (in´ul-in) a starch occurring in the rhizome of certain plants, yielding fructose on hydrolysis, and used in tests of renal function.


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