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Puppy Care Tips: How to Care for a Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home, especially when you have young children, is a wonderful experience. To see your children’s faces light up when they see the new puppy for the first time. With all of the joy and fun it is easy to forget that a new puppy has a lot of needs that an adult dog does not. Without the right puppy care tips and advice it becomes difficult to raise the puppy right.

How to Care for a Newborn Puppy

If you decide to get a newborn puppy there are a few important puppy care tips that you need to keep in mind.

* Protect the newborn puppy from being accidentally stepped upon or falling down the stairs.

* A newborn puppy is not able to regulate its body temperature that easily, they need to be kept warm. A simple way of doing this is to put an electric blanket under one half of the puppy bedding. This will allow the puppy, when it gets too warm, to move over to the unheated side to cool off.

The Basics of Caring for Older Puppies

When the puppy litter reaches about eight weeks old, the owner will begin the process for finding homes for the puppies. This is a good time for a puppy to be placed into a new home. It no longer is dependent upon is mother and is able to eat solid food. Before you select the puppy for your family it is necessary to have purchased the basic supplies to provide good puppy care.

* A space where the puppy can play, sleep and eat. This area should be cordoned off so that the puppy will not be able to teethe on your shoes.

* A soft bed for the puppy to sleep in. A low walled card board box works well as a puppy bed.

A common puppy care tip is to frequently play with your puppy. Puppies, no matter what breed they are, crave lots of attention. Are you concerned that your puppy may not like your children, baby or other pet? If so, let your puppy interact with them in an observed environment. Over time your puppy will be come familiar with them and enjoy being around them.

Safe & Healthy Puppy

One of the many puppy care tips that are very important is to take you puppy to the vet to keep it up to date on the puppy’s vaccinations. This is equally important even if your puppy is and will be an indoor dog.

The most important puppy care tip is to love on your puppy frequently. It will create a strong bond between the two of you. Administer disciple as needed to correct bad behaviour but provide lots of love and affection to.

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