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Puppy Training – How Do I Teach My Puppy to Come?

The “Come” Command

This is most likely the most common command people want their puppies to know. We all need for our pets to come when we call them. Although it is certainly convenient for us if our pets come to us when we call them there are safety concerns to consider as well. From this point of view, the “come” command is perhaps the most important command to teach to your pet. For your dog’s safety and protection you will want a well disciplined pet. It is important that your pet responds to you in all situations.

Training Method

This article will discuss a training method that uses a collar and a long leash. This leash is called a “check cord.” So naturally the first step in the process is to get your puppy used to the collar and leash. He will have to become acquainted to its sensations. Your puppy will have to learn the effects of the leash and the nature of its use before you begin using it as a training tool. Otherwise your efforts will be thwarted from the beginning.

Getting Started

After your puppy becomes sufficiently acquainted with his new collar and leash you want to set aside time specifically for training. It is important that the training session does not get interrupted. You will want to find a secluded spot if possible. At least you will want to find a place where you have some space to work with your puppy without being interfered with. You want to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Start by obtaining a leash that is at least fifteen feet long. This will give your puppy the length needed to move around during his training.

The Process

With the puppy attached to his leash, place him at the furthest distance from you. Gently tugging on the leash you want to encourage him to move towards you in small but steady increments. It is okay to take your time and let the puppy figure it out as he goes. It will take several repetitions before he will catch on. And several sessions will be needed before your puppy will master the concept. So be patient with your little fellow.

To complete the training, repeat the process of pulling and praising with your puppy so he will begin to understand your desire. A young puppy will have a short attention span for awhile. So it is best to limit your sessions to only a few minutes. It is better to utilize many short but positive sessions with your pet. This will help keep the frustration level down for both of you and guard against the concern that your pet might become timid or fearful. Eventually it will be easier for your puppy to come right up to you. He will start responding to a slight tug after awhile. Using treats to further encourage your puppy is always an option if things are going less than smoothly.

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