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Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass


There has been so much debate about why dogs eat grass and in the end, not a single answer seemed all inclusive. Dogs and even other animals act like mini lawnmowers and eat grass they see at every opportunity. It could be because they like the taste of grass or eat it for nutritional purposes.

Some dogs occasionally eat grass and then throw it up. This can be a form of treating themselves for upset stomach. Most dogs exhibit this behavior at one time or another and there is nothing for dog owners to worry about because it is generally normal. However, there may be sudden changes in their behavior and that can be an indication of a more serious problem.

A common reason many people say dogs eat grass is to deal with stomach upset. Most owners have seen their dogs eating and chewing grass in large bites and then swallow it afterwards. This bothers either the throat or stomach of dogs which caused it to throw up later.

Other people are taming this as a sign that the stomach of their dog was unsettled and it intentionally made itself throw up to ease the distress. It is not possible to definitely know the intentions of dogs.

Some suggest that dogs eat grass simply because they like and enjoy the taste of it. In most cases, owners are seeing their pets sniffing about, carefully chewing it and never become sick afterward. It could be that some canines like the taste of grass as most dogs enjoy eating fruits and vegetables in addition to meat. That may be supported by behavior in which they seemed to look sometimes for certain types of grass to eat.

If your dog is eating grass on a regular basis, this can be an indication of some type of dietary imbalance though determining this may not be always easy. If you are concerned about the diet and health of your pet, you should consult a vet about the possibility of some of its needs unmet. Your vet may suggest you to put your pet on a high fiber diet or add cooked vegetables in their meals.

Eating grass is not an alarming or unusual behavior of dogs and many pet owners need not to worry. However, you have to make sure that before your dog munches on the grass in your yard or that of your neighbor, it is free of any pesticides and fertilizers that can be toxic to dogs. You should avoid chemicals on your owns as they can be harmful to your dog. You have to be careful when walking your dog near well-manicured loans and keep your pooch from munching on them.

If you have seen your dog eating grass as a new behavior accompanied by vomiting, you may consider taking him to the vet. Sudden change in their behavior such as eating grass can be a symptom of a health issue and that may require veterinary treatment.

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