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Review of Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis

Certain dog food secrets are quite useful and any dog lover should learn them. Manufacturers of dog food create some very enticing ads, persuasive sales promotions and commercials. However, as enticing as these ads, sales promotions and commercials are, they don’t always portray the truth. Andrew Lewis though, is telling you the whole truth about the pet food industry. Read on to learn what our review states about Dog Food Secrets.

Why You Need to Know What Andrew Lewis has to Say

Andrew’s beagle died of an illness when it was 4 years old and it motivated him to research into how healthy pet food was being made. He discovered some shocking results. He found his dog was poisoned by the food he thought was nourishing it.

Andrew hopes that no one else has to lose a dog over some disease caused from food. All the information he discovered motivated him to write Dog Food Secrets. Andrew uncovered terrible secrets about the production of dog food, and Andrew has also discovered what dogs should actually eat for their health and to live a longer life. He hopes to help you keep from making the same mistake that other pet owners including him have made purchasing food for their animals.

The Basis of Dog Food Secrets

You will learn through the information provided in this book about the dangers of commercial food. This information will spur you on to make changes in the food you feed to your pet canine.

There will also be information on an alternative choice for feeding your dog. You may be hesitant to try this method of homemade dog food, because the pet food manufacturers have told you that it is unhealthy for your canine. Through reading this information, you will see how your dog could live many years longer and this will convince you to try this method.

Andrew even gives you detailed recipes to show you how to make food for your pet. On top of this, there will be informative facts on fulfilling your dog’s nutritional needs according to the dog’s age, health and level of physical activity.

Advantages for Dog Food Secrets

  • You will receive years of research about the pet food industry with only one e-book.
  • You will learn the exact why your present food choice could be hurting rather than helping your dog.
  • Find out the reason for a need for immediately altering your dog’s food.
  • Discover that it is easy to improve your dog’s present health condition through altering his diet.
  • Find out what to feed your dog to extend his life and keep him healthy.
  • Have addition years with your canine that are healthy and happy ones.
  • You will cut down on veterinarian bills, because of diseases linked to food.
  • Learn the way to adjust the food to fit your dog’s needs instead of feeding him food design for a broad spectrum of dogs.
  • Relax and read knowing you have a money-back guarantee that is good for 60 days. This allows you the opportunity read some shocking truths at no risk.
  • Disadvantages for Dog Food Secrets

    There are no disadvantages to report in this review. We, as dog owners, have a responsibility to make sure that our dogs are eating only food that is healthy for them. Dog Food Secrets uncover the secrets behind pet food and teaches you how to decide better what to feed your dog. It gives you the ability to provide the best nutrition for your dog.

    Dog Food Secrets Bonuses

    Andrew offers three separate book bundles. They are the bronze, silver and gold bundles. Each bundle includes the main ebooks about the pet food industry’s secrets, and the recipes for homemade dog food. However, each separate bundle offers various bonuses.

    Bronze Bundle is $27 and it includes:

    • The Canine Changeover Guide as the first bonus
    • 23 Healthy and Delicious Doggy Treat Recipes as the second bonus
    • Silver Bundle is $47 and includes all the above package and the bonus listed below:

      • Homemade All-Natural Soaps and Shampoos shows make soaps and shampoos to use on your dog that are free from chemicals. Commercial ones can be loaded with chemicals that are not ideal for your dog’s health.
      • Gold Bundle includes everything listed in the bronze and silver, along with the following things:

        • Free lifetime updates
        • Recipes special-needs dogs
        • Confidential report on Dog Food
        • Pack Your Puppy with Power
        • Homemade dog supplements
        • Homemade Happiness for the Hungry Hound is a popular recipe book for dogs throughout the world. You will learn about 180 recipes for such things as home cooked meals, appetizers, gravies, dietary meals, frozen treats, meals for the microwave and many more things. You will be shocked that this is not sold separately.
        • Homemade All-Natural Recipes for the Unwell Wolf is designed to help you meet the needs of a sick dog. You will learn the natural way to cure your canine with food. Problems written about are such things as joint pain, gingivitis, diarrhea, ringworm, skin infection and upset stomach.
        • The Conclusion

          It is important to be aware of the practices used by the dog food industry. This is a multimillion-dollar business that is guilty of murdering animals. Since you are reading this review of dog food secrets you must be concerned about what you are feeding your beloved dog and want to know how the food affects its well-being. The book Dog Food Secrets written by Andrew Lewis needs to be read cover to cover by you.

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