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Six Most Effective Steps To Stop German Shepherd Bite Issues ASAP!

A pivotal situation in raising German shepherds is when German shepherd bite inhibition starts to ensue. However, before considering this as a serious issue, you must know the reason for this phenomenon. Remember that it is not all the time that German shepherd dogs bite to harm someone. It can also occur to as a way to develop their jaw muscles as a part of their growth.

Trying to resolve German shepherd bite problems might be very daunting for owners. That is why before thinking about owning this dog breed, spend a fraction of your time on researching for their physical and mental requirements. When you have already bought yourself a German shepherd dog, you will realize that each and every day is a learning process for both you and your new pet.

Below are five steps to address your German shepherd bite concerns that will surely work.

Step one: Teach your German shepherd that the German shepherd bite madness is not an acceptable behavior. Even though it is done unintentionally, it can cause harm and injury to human beings. Therefore, safety precautions should be carefully observed when taking care of this type of canine.

As he starts to German shepherd bite you or another person, say a stern “No” while facing him. If he stops, praise him and pat him on his head. Otherwise, if he does not comply, then turn your back from him and go away. This will give him an idea that you are not pleased with this particular action.

Step two: Allow your German shepherd bite opportunities in the form of harmless play and exercise. German shepherds are the type that have high activity levels and they need regular exercises as well. Take him to a walk in a local dog park, let him explore the external environment and allot sufficient time to train him and interact with him.

Bear in mind that only appropriate plays are allowed such as freesbie and running. Rough plays like wrestling and tug-of-war should be discouraged to avoid provoking him.

Step three: German shepherds get bored easily. So, instead of confining your German shepherd puppy in a room, let him mingle with other canines and people. He has to go through activities that could burn up his energy.

While they are with their mothers and siblings, their German shepherd biting instinct starts to develop. As they fool around with their brothers and sisters, one painful German shepherd bite will cause the sibling to stop playing for a while. Thereafter, the German shepherd puppy will come to realize that the behavior is unacceptable.

When the time comes that breeders have to isolate them with their original families, the remaining responsibilities are left to their new owners. Provide ample time for performing German shepherd obedience training and in teaching tricks from novice to advanced levels to ensure that your Shepherd has something to do from time to time.

Step four: Offer your German shepherd something to German shepherd bite and German shepherd chew safely. You may visit the nearest pet store and buy him some chew toys, a soft ball, for example. This way, he will have something to chew on besides your arms, slippers and carpets.

Be careful not to give him items that may pose choking hazards to ensure his safety at all times. His toys should not be toxic and cannot be easily swallowed. This should also serve as a means to divert his attention to his toys rather than German shepherd biting humans or other objects.

Step five: Fill your pockets with loads of treats so that when the above methods turn out to be successful and your Shepherd dog is cooperative, you fill yourself with something to reward him from time to time. This also actually works in any other breeds of canine and researchers have proven this technique very effective.

When your German shepherd does not German shepherd bite or German shepherd nip your personal belongings anymore, praise him madly with lots of affection. In this sense, he will associate a good behavior with your affirmation and positive reinforcement.

Each step of warding off German shepherd bite problems should be taken seriously since it also entails several safety issues. German shepherds make good guard and working dogs and they can be great companions only when they are in the right hands.

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