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Sticky Buddy Reviews – A Closer Look At The Sticky Buddy Lint Roller

A few weeks ago I came across the Sticky Buddy advertised on T.V. Being a bit of a clean freak myself, I was impressed by this product’s supposed capabilities. But after doing some searching online, I couldn’t find any good Sticky Buddy reviews.

I decided to buy this product anyways (it was only $10) to see how well it actually worked. What follows is a brief Sticky Buddy review to help any of you folks interested in buying this product.

First, I’ll talk about what this cleaning roller does and my thoughts on its effectiveness. Then I’ll discuss some drawbacks with using it. At the end, I’ll wrap up with info on finding other Sticky Buddy reviews and where to get the best deal on this product.

What is the Sticky Buddy? How Does It Work?

The concept behind this product is actually quite simple. If you’ve ever used one of those disposable lint rollers, this product is quite similar.

Basically you roll it across a surface you want to clean. When it fills up with lots of particles and begins to lose its “stickyness” you run it under a tap to clean it. Then you dry it off on a towel and start the process again.

It is supposedly a fast and easy way to clean areas (or clothing) in your house.

The primary uses for this product are for removing lint and for removing pet hair. If you’re a pet owner, than you will already know how much hair can pile up in your house. With the Sticky Buddy, you can potentially get rid of a lot of that hair without too much hassle.

When you buy this product, you actually get two rollers: a portable one and a regular-size one.

Pros and Cons: How Well Does This Product Work?

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and have so far been quite impressed with how it works.

The first thing I tried it out on was my couch, which had been a haven for hair, lint, and dirt for a long time. I rolled it across one of the cushions, and it immediately picked up most of the undesirable particles in its path – even some that I didn’t see before.

I then tried out the small version on one of my black sweaters that had been sitting in my closet gathering lint. Unsurprisingly, the roller was able to gather most of the unsightly white lint particles on it.

Now for some of the drawbacks with using this product.

First of all, the Sticky Buddy is often so effective at picking up particles that it needs to be cleaned quite frequently. Now if you’re using a sink to clean it off, this can be a bit of a nuisance, since this will require several trips to the sink (however, a few Sticky Buddy reviews have come up with some effective solutions to this problem).

Another one, is that it is not useful for everything. For instance, why would you pick up coins with this product? Then you just have to fish them out of the water afterwards! Also, for cleaning things you spill (such as cereal or food particles) other items may be more effective – such as the broom!

But despite these minor drawbacks, this product is great for cleaning couches, carpets, and clothing. Just don’t expect it to be some miracle product you can use for everything.

Conclusion: Is This Product Right For You?

If you’re a clean freak like me, you will get a lot of benefit out of using this product. But even if you’re not (and you’re just lazy) than of course this roller can be a quick and easy cleaning tool.

There are now a few Sticky Buddy reviews out there with more detailed information on making the most of this product. I would still recommend doing a bit of research before committing to this product, even if it only requires a small monetary investment.

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