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Strength Training At Home – A Basic Home Workout

If you are here you are probably tired of going to the gym without any results…or even worst, you cannot afford going there! Those are the same reason I decided to do my strength training at home with better results. At the beginning it wont be easy, but with a lot of motivation and a good plan you can do your strength training at home.

Now let’s take a look first at why you had never had good results in the gym. The cause of my failure was the distance and the time…every time I got back home from work at 6 PM or later and if I went to the gym I finished eating at 9 PM!!! it was terrible for me. So I quitted the gym and one year later I noticed that I was becoming fat and that I was ALWAYS tired. So I decided to start training at home.

The real advantage in training at home is that you don’t have to have that much of an equipment, in fact you’ll need only a bar to do some pull-ups and a jumping rope. See? no indoor bikes or other costly equipment!!!

The main program that you should do if you are beginning after years of inactivity begins with a 15 minutes of Jumping rope. Believe me, it is HARD!!! the first times you feel goofy and you could think that this is not for you, but you are wrong! Find some videos on YouTube and try until you get it.

After the warm-up you need to follow this simple routine:

Push-ups 8 series of 8 repetitions

Pull-ups 8 series of 8 repetitions

One legged squat 8 series of 8 repetitions

Crunches 8 series of 15 repetitions

After you finish all your workout, you should do at least 10 minutes of stretching. Some of the exercises above can be very difficult, like the push-ups, but these are the basis to develop proper strength. Follow this workout at 3 days per week and soon you’ll notice that you are getting stronger and stronger.

In this article I have described how to train for strength at home. But maybe this exercises are too difficult to do if you are not well trained so later I’ll explain some simplified of the exercises versions that you can use.

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